Last year was a mixed bag. Living with knowing that I could not just call mom whenever I was happy, sad, frustrated, irritated, hit home real hard. And so I diverted my mind to focus my energies on healing patients, writing more, immersing myself in learning more.

And then, just with a snap of the fingers, the year was over. I guess each one of you has also looked back to see what the learnings have been, and how we can create a better foundation for ourselves to initiate a happier, more content life. It is the contentment in our minds that finally leads to good health. So here are my learnings that have brought me peace and have impacted people I have shared them with.

1. Respect yourself. Mindlessly passing through life, putting junk in the mind and body, short-changing your mind & body with excesses should be left behind in 2021. Eat right, so that you can protect your heart, liver, kidneys & brain. Exercise moderately & consistently so that you can keep your physical & mental agility intact. Unlearn and re-learn to you’re your brain active. Choose to be with people who love & respect you, distance yourself from those who judge you by your cars, parties, houses & holidays. All these things will increase your self-respect and self-worth.

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2. Be kind. I cannot reiterate the power of this enough.

Leave the cynicism, snide comments & judgement in 2021. If someone is looking sad, reach out and hug them.

If your staff/colleague/team member has messed up, tell them it’s okay, you mess up too at work, don’t you? If someone overtakes you from the wrong side, their reason must be stronger than yours. We’re all fighting our own battles, and we are no one to judge whose battle is bigger or smaller. So let’s help each other feel better by just being kind. It’s already been a tough time for everyone, why make it tougher with unkindness?

3. Be unhurried. 50% of poor health, negative moods, shoddy work & toxic relationships emerge from impatience. What’s the hurry? Stay calm, smile more, enjoy the sunset, notice your spouse’s extra effort in looking nice, compliment your child for being nice to your neighbours, their classmates, nature and animals. Forget the grades, focus on the person you are raising. And you’ll realise that your child has the ability to make the world a better place. Take out unhurried time to talk to them, build memories that will last in their minds forever, rather than collecting possessions.

Good health, success and happiness are not dependent on doctors, the amount of money you earn, the size of your house or what school your child goes to. They depend upon how your own mind perceives your life. If your mind perceives your life as unhappy, you will see the signs by feeling frustrated, unfulfilled. If your mind is at the level of being unhurried and happy, you will project that in being grateful for what you have.

2022 is about learning from the last two years of the pandemic that nothing is more fragile than our health and our lives.

People who focus on positivity, live longer, are more successful and healthier.

Get there, peeps ❤️

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