“I am worn out & drained almost every day”

All women with PCOS

Do you feel unfruitful & unproductive at the end of the day despite trying your best? By the time you go to the bed do you think your PCOS is taking over on you? Trying everything possible to get back the quality of life?

Don’t be overwhelmed, you are not alone it’s okay to acknowledge your feelings BUT it’s important that you realise and start taking those baby steps in the right direction with no further delay.

I started my PCOS reversal journey when I was the most clogged of the information and myself. If I can do this, you can do it too.

3 most basic but effective habits to kickstart your PCOS healing

  1. Eliminate white sugar & junk food from your diet– I know, I know. But trust me it’s worth it. Eating a lot of pizzas, momos, deep-fried stuff, high sugary desserts can make your PCOS go worse and you don’t want that. Opt for healthier versions and eventually try giving up on these foods which are loaded with trans fats which are not adding any nutritional value to your diet. Excess sugar intake can only increase inflammation in the body so reducing the intake and eliminating the most processed forms of it like white sugar is always a good idea.
  2. Eat protein with every meal– Eating protein not only helps lose weight but also helps boost metabolism because of its thermic effect. Protein also helps in maintaining blood sugar levels which is very essential since most women also suffer from insulin resistance in PCOS. Good sources of protein can be beans, lentils, legumes, chicken breast, chickpeas, seeds like pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds etc.
  3. Start walking 8k-10k steps & incorporate some strength training–It may sound very basic and infective BUT OMG! It can be a game-changer for you. If you are a couch potato, believe me, you are doing the worst possible to your PCOS. Start moving more frequently throughout the day. Strength training for PCOS has many proven advantages and have benefitted many women in terms of losing weight so why not give it a try. However, do any activity that you enjoy, that will help as well. Be it yoga or Zumba or swimming or playing a sport. The idea is to get the muscles and the heartbeat up.

At last, get the right support and don’t be overboard with a lot of information and too many changes at once. Learn and explore your body and understand what works for you. You have got this and deserve much better.

And with this, my message for all PCOS strugglers is

Focus on the actionable steps instead of what’s trending on the internet

Till then take care and keep looking good in PCOS 👌🏻

Neha Sahu

After battling her own PCOS struggles and journey, Neha leads a community for women with PCOS and help them manage their symptoms naturally. You can follow her work and page @lookgoodinpcos.

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