Unhurry is a digital community of wellness and wellbeing makers. We strive to counter everything the modern lifestyle’s stressful implications of ‘hustle culture’ stand for. Our lives are meant to be ‘lived’, in every sense of the word, the journey of life is meant to be savoured and enjoyed. Not rushed. Material goals are necessary, but so is the nourishment of the soul. At the end of a hard day, if you don’t get a decent night’s sleep, then you are working for your body and not for your soul. We have to breathe, take in the good, exhale the bad, and be satisfied with our existence at the end of every single day. That has been the focus to create at Unhurry — help you experience a culture of stopping and reflecting.

Unhurry is brought to you by RachnaRestores. Through articles from the RR community and external contributors, we bring you stories about and by people who have come to realise the benefits of living an ‘Unhurried’ life. We share data, clinical studies and proof that the slow and easy works better. Intentional living, mindful life practices, and everything that promotes a holistic mind and body for you, is here.

Slow down, reflect, and just breathe in some life. You are alive today. Savour it in an unhurried manner.

Meet The Team

Rachna Chhachhi

Managing Editor & Co-founder, Unhurry

Rachna is a Holistic Healer. She works across 27 countries with patients suffering from chronic diseases without medication. A Rheumatoid Arthritis warrior herself, her time is dedicated towards spreading awareness on scientific & clinical repair of the mind and body via holistic nutrition. She has demonstrated this with herself and thousands of patients she has healed. She’s authored 3 books, has been a senior editor and. She does podcasts and is the founder of RachnaRestores & Unhurry.

Aradhna Chhachhi

Editor-in-Chief & Co-founder, Unhurry

Aradhna is a Holistic Health Coach, Yin Yoga Teacher & a French Wine Scholar. As someone who’s battled PCOD & severe anxiety, she has made it her purpose to spread awareness about the importance of mental, emotional & hormonal health. A voracious reader, budding writer and movie buff, she finds solace in soaking in the aromas of her wine glass and getting lost on her yoga mat. With Unhurry, she aims to bust myths and spread the message of a holistic lifestyle.
Dr. Bhavana Gautam

Partner, Unhurry

Dr. Bhavana is a qualified medical practitioner (MBBS), Integrative Health Practitioner, Cancer Coach, Emotional Wellbeing Specialist, Holistic health consultant and a Master NLP practitioner with 15+ years of experience. She is passionate about her work in the areas of self care coaching, transformation coaching, lifestyle management, Interpersonal skill coaching.
Palak Bhalla Ahuja

Partner, Unhurry

Palak suffered from psoriatic arthritis and rebuilt herself via holistic healing and nutritional changes in her lifestyle. She is a certified Holistic Health Coach and counsels patients with autoimmune conditions to come out of their pain and fatigue and become healthier without the support of toxic medications. Additionally, she’s also a certified Reiki Practitioner.
Prachi Wasnikar

Partner, Unhurry

Prachi is an Amsterdam based Ashtanga and Restorative Yoga teacher. She received her initial 300-hour yoga teacher training through the Diploma Training offered by the Government of Maharashtra in Mumbai. Prachi turned to yoga 6 years ago as a part of her self- love regime.Her restorative yoga is focused on breathing, exploring movement and stillness, and discovering relationships between body, mind, and soul. She is set on to ‘give back’ by helping organisations find the support and care they need through their yoga practice. She is also a Cancer Coach.