Unhurry® is a science backed digital mental health awareness platform which began in February 2021 as an answer to the call of cry of those struggling with mental health issues during the pandemic. There are 8 billion people on earth, and 8 billion different experiences of mental health. Some of us acknowledge this, some do not. What makes Unhurry® unique is that we share science backed research articles that mental and physical health are connected, and till you don’t nourish both, you will not heal. Unhurrying as a lifestyle has been clinically evidenced to reduce stress, anxiety, depressive thoughts, inflammation and chronic conditions. 

Through our scientific researches, warrior experiences, expert advise and support group links, we are the catalyst to help you accept your experiences and seek help in a safe manner. Unhurry® is the awareness arm of Kindness Practice Foundation, a section 8 Indian NGO that works towards normalising mental health via its many projects.