Neurodiversity- A Space Of Acceptance Of Brain Development Differences

What do physicist Alber Einstein, artist Vincent Van Gogh, author F. Scott Fitzgerald, and chemist Marie Curie have in common? They were all neurodivergent, based on the evidence of their lives. In other words, their brains worked in unique ways. We have often seen children developing in different ways. Some struggle with mathematics while others … Read more

Depression Can Now Be Classified And Treated Differently

So far depression could be clubbed into different types, however, it has not led to better treatment outcomes. Depression can now be classified into two specific brain clusters and can be treated differently by transcranial magnetic brain stimulation (TMS), say researchers. In patients who received transcranial magnetic brain stimulation (TMS) for the treatment of depression, … Read more

Failing To Lose Weight? – Have You Looked At The Emotional Aspect Of Your Food?

Have you wondered why most of the time the diet and exercise programs that we get on, to lose weight, do not really give results? Well, most of us focus on the physical aspect of weight loss and not the emotional aspect connected with food and exercise. When one can take emotion out of the … Read more

Want to build resilience in your kids? Give them creative training

September 08, 2023; Unhurry Expert Research Team Parents always have a concern about making their children resilient and strong enough to face life’s problems. Here’s the key, creativity lessons during their early school years cultivates their resilience to face real-life problems more smoothly. In a short study, researchers taught students in third, fourth, and fifth … Read more

Parenting Concerns Make Up 39 Percent Of Difference In Quality-of-life Scores For Mothers With Advanced Cancer

Parents will be parents. Even when they are battling with advanced-stage cancer, concerns about their children can impact their emotional well-being and quality of life. According to a recent study, women with advanced cancer’s mental and emotional health are significantly impacted by parenting-related worries. They discovered that a mother’s emotional health was closely related to … Read more

Family And Friends Are Your Mental Health Shields!

Youth who perceive that they have someone to rely on, report better mental health outcomes. Researchers found that perceived social support during early adulthood, which is marked by major changes in social roles, can help with mental health problems. The team of McGill University led by Marie-Claude Geoffroy, Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational … Read more

Social Connections And Support Help Improve Mental Health Of MS Patients

Multiple Sclerosis can impact the mental health of people. To improve their overall well-being, along with the existing treatment, emotional regulation strategies also become need of the hour. To address this, Researchers Katie Lancaster, Sarah J. Thomson, Nancy D. Chiaravalloti, and Helen M. Genova, tested the efficacy of an interpersonal emotion regulation intervention: this intervention … Read more

A History of Childhood Adversity Or Suffering Alters Judgment

Our perception or judgment about a person can change upon discovering their history of childhood adversity or suffering. Researchers discovered the reason why someone’s childhood adversity influences how others judge their behaviour. According to Philip Robbins, associate professor and department chair of philosophy, these findings add to the growing body of evidence that suggests judgments … Read more

Different Music Styles Impact Mental Well-being In Different ways

Different musical genres have different effects on the brain. Brain imaging shows how brain reactions to various musical genres influence people’s ability to control their emotions. According to the study, guys who process their negative emotions through music have unfavourable reactions to sad and angry music. The ability to control one’s emotions is crucial for … Read more

Women Veterans With Substance Use Disorders Are At Five Times higher risk of suicide than peers

Veterans who struggle with drug or alcohol problems are more than twice as likely to commit suicide as compared to their fellow service members. Moreover, women veterans with substance use disorders are more than five times more likely to commit suicide than their peers, according to research. According to the study, the risk of suicide … Read more

Brain Scans Can Help Detect Disorders Like Migraines & Depression –  Study

A brain scan can now be used to detect how brain regions interact and can help in diagnosing brain-related disorders and diseases like migraines, depression, bipolar disorders, and the like. Individual brain networks remain extremely stable throughout the day while performing various tasks, which is potentially a basis for diagnostic tests for brain disorders and … Read more

‘Yoga Enhances Brain Structures And Functions; Boosts Emotional Regulation And Cognitive Ability’ – Study

Yoga enhances brain structures that are involved in memory processing, emotional regulation, learning, and decision-making, find researchers. The investigations also discover a link between improved performance on cognitive tests or emotional management tests and the brain alterations observed in yoga practitioners. Scientists have known for decades that aerobic exercise strengthens the brain and contributes to … Read more

Increased Social Support Drives Positive Personal Growth Following Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Even though being diagnosed with cancer is a very traumatic and stressful experience, researchers have observed positive psychological shifts in Women following breast cancer diagnosis. A new study by researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre has found that there also can be unexpected benefits. “Many women who have breast cancer often experience distress but … Read more

Reducing The Student Debt Burden Could Enhance Population Health

Relieving the burden of student debt could improve population health as individuals with student loan debt into early middle age have a higher risk of cardiovascular illness, suggest research. According to research published in the Elsevier-distributed American Journal of Preventive Medicine, adults who did not pay off their school loans or accrued new ones between … Read more

Women With Sjögren’s Have A Lower Sex Drive

Primary Sjögren’s syndrome (pSS) is a systemic autoimmune disorder in which the body fights against its own secretary glands like those situated in the mouth, eyes, vagina, etc. Eventually, this leads to dry mouth, dry eyes, vaginal dryness, and painful intercourse along with a few other symptoms including extreme fatigue and arthritis. Along with the … Read more