Emotion Regulation A Challenge for People with Schizophrenia

People regulate their emotions to get from one feeling to a more preferred state, whether that is a return to calm, a move toward happiness, not feeling quite as angry, or leveraging a different emotion entirely. New research sheds light on how people with schizophrenia handle their emotions differently. Scientists found that while most of … Read more

Better Sleep Can Improve Cognitive Functions For Patients With Multiple Sclerosis

Quality sleep leads to better mental health and insufficient sleep often has a significant impact on cognitive and physical functions. For people with multiple sclerosis cognitive impairment often manifests in terms of having trouble with memory, attention, and mental processing. New research shows some of these issues could stem from sleep disorders. The symptoms of … Read more

Dried Fruits Consumed Judiciously Boost Health Markers, Provide Rich Nutrients

Don’t be afraid to toss a handful of raisins or dried apricots this festival and winter season, as research says dried fruit may relate to better health. These natural treasures not only provide a much-needed energy boost but also offer a rich source of nutrients. The results of the study showed that persons who ate … Read more

Secret To A Bigger Brain In Middle-age Is A Healthy Heart In Young Adulthood

So, what’s the secret to a bigger brain and a happier heart? Every little bit you do to keep your heart smiling in 20s is like a year’s worth of extra brain space in 40s. Yes, according to a study, people who take care of their heart health in young adulthood may have larger brains … Read more

Vulnerability To Rejection A Major Reason For Suicide Among Young Men

News of suicide by young men shocks us completely. We immediately start thinking about what they might have been going through, what took them to take this step, and what about their close ones in the family. Does this lead us to ‘mental illnesses’ or ‘vulnerability’ in the face of rejection and perception of failure? … Read more

Global Tree Restoration Potential And Its Impact On Wider Environment

India has been a tree plantation laboratory for over 200 years and has experimented with tree plantations, offering important lessons about the consequences different approaches to restoring forests have on local communities and the wider environment. Tree restoration has been promoted to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere that warms the globe while … Read more

Diet And Nutrition Play A Pivotal Role In Shaping Our Mental Health

Our food choices impact our mood, behaviour, and cognition. The brain is influenced by the nutrients we provide it. Evidence is rapidly growing showing vital relationships between both diet quality and potential nutritional deficiencies and mental health, a new international collaboration led by the University of Melbourne and Deakin University has revealed. Researchers published in … Read more

Singing Based Therapy Helps In Language Recovery After Stroke

Music, specifically singing, can help support stroke survivors who have trouble with language. Around 40% of stroke survivors have trouble comprehending or producing spoken or written language. Singing-based rehabilitation can support the communication and speech production of patients and increase social activity even at the chronic phase of stroke, finds research. Singing-based therapy can help … Read more

Meditation Boosts Mindfulness And Helps In Social Harmony By Altering Brain Structure

Meditation can have positive effects on our health and well-being. It physically changes the brain which not only helps in increasing the ability to process information but helps in increasing empathy, compassion, and prosocial behaviour. Researchers have found that distinct training modules alter distinct brain networks and have an impact on either our attention or … Read more

Pregnant Women With Anorexia Need Substantial Psychological And Physiological Help

Obsession with restriction of nutrient intake because of the fear of gaining weight and distorted body image may sometimes carry forward during pregnancy. This eating disorder called anorexia, has a greater risk during pregnancy impacting the child and leading to various complications. Research recommends focusing on specialist mental health, obstetric, medical, and nutritional care for … Read more

Asthma Patients Breathe Easier with Yoga and Breathing Exercises

People with asthma have been cautious about exercise because it was thought to worsen their symptoms, however, recent studies have shown that Yoga and breathing control practices, in combination with aerobic training, are particularly key exercises for asthmatic people seeking to improve their lung function. The study, which was released today in the Annals of … Read more

“Enjoy College Life”, they said.

“It’s a memorable experience; the plus point is that you get to make many lifelong friends,” my relatives added. The year was 1995 when Bangalore was not a metropolitan city. This was way before Cafe Coffee Day existed and all us college students would hang out at Shanti Sagar and Sukh Sagar for tea or … Read more

Cooking Is A Recipe For A Healthier, Happier You!

Cooking is more than just preparing food. It is not just about making delicious meals, but also about feeling better mentally — suggesting a link between cooking confidence, satisfaction around cooking, and mental health benefits. New research from Edith Cowan University (ECU) has found being confident in the kitchen is not only good for your … Read more

The Language of Music is Universal, However has one exception

Music is a powerful force that connects us across the globe. Our brains are wired to appreciate music, and it’s not just a recent invention. Although music can take many different forms across cultures, Yale researchers have discovered in a recent study that some themes are instantly recognisable to everyone, with the significant exception of … Read more

Consumption Of Fruits And Vegetables Strengthen Heart Health And Mental Well-being

When you increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables in your diet, overall heart health increases. Consumption of fruits and vegetables is directly associated with improved body mass index (BMI), blood sugar, and blood sugar levels as well as a decrease in food security. According to research, those with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease … Read more