Self-Compassion Aids Recovery From Eating Disorders

Struggling with eating disorders can feel like a constant upward climb. There is a lot of statistics that inform us of a the long road to recovery. It’s important to keep note that changing your relationship with food, and your body is not a straight path. Practicing self-compassion is a process that aids healing, and makes the journey kinder on yourself.

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As A Teacher I See Kids Feeling Low, How Can I Help Them?

As teachers, parents or guardians of young minds, it is up to us to pick up on children’s low moods. Observing a child’s behaviour and taking the right steps at the right time can prevent and protect a child from mental distress. Kavita Upadhyay, student counselor and expert mental health practitioner advises on the best approach to take when dealing with low moods in children.

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