The stuff that truly heals us is free. Hospitals, pharmacies, medicines, doctors are for emergency care.

But to avoid emergencies, we must use what’s free and available to us. Did you know that if your brain is healthy and sharp, your body will be too?

Follow these simple steps below to ensure your brain and body health and in balance:

  • Walk every day. Even if you walk for 10 minutes three times a day, it helps you rejuvenate your neurons, increases memory power and enhance mental agility. Other benefits of walking include heart health, low risk of type two diabetes, weight loss and better balance.
  • Read. Using our brains is important. Very often we think that we use our brains in our work or daily lives but we are just doing tasks that our brain already knows about. Forming new neural pathways means doing activities that provoke the brain to think. Reading a book, taking a course, studying something new to us keeps us sharp and reduces brain decline.
  • Breathe. Yes, we all breathe as humans. But do we breathe consciously? Start breathing consciously, reduce the number of breaths you breathe. Your heart rate reduces, BP reduces and a serene calmness sets into you
  • Sleep. 8 hours of sleep is required for the human body to repair itself. Less sleep leads to mental agitation, anxiety, digestive issues like acidity, bloating, constipation, weight gain, high blood pressure, high sugar levels.
  • Water. Drinking large quantities of water puts pressure on your kidneys, dilutes nutrients. Drink 250 ML water every 90 minutes of waking time for brain cells to remain sharp, toxins to get expelled from the body, clear skin, better circulation, higher nutrient absorption, lower blood pressure, higher immunity. Fix your water to fix your immunity.

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