The term “Love-hate relationship” was actually coined to describe my true feelings for exercise. Can’t do with, can’t do without. Over time, I know it’s become a lot better and I mostly listen to logic and mull over that liberating release I feel after a good session of moderate movement.

“Moderate” – a key word.

About 45 minutes of moderate exercise 4-5 times a week helps reduce inflammation levels, release endorphins, increase energy levels, alleviate the mind, mood and change our response to stress.

These vital benefits aside, how should a person who’s dreading it daily make this time not just tolerable but enjoyable? After a lot of reluctance, pushing and self-realization, when I decided to put an effort into bringing stability to my own workout regime, I was clear I wouldn’t do it without my ride or die.

Yes! Music’s a versatile baby that’s got all our backs. “I’ll choose my favourite songs, sing along, smile wide and those 45 minutes will fly.” Easy? Easy. Except NOT. What nobody thinks about is the fatigue you start experiencing when the repeat value of every song becomes extremely high. And unknowingly, we’re back to that cycle of cursing this time of the day bored and unmotivated. So, I decided to make different playlists for all the days I exercise on. I do Yin Yoga & slow jogging and temper my playlists accordingly.

When I started conducting online Yin Yoga Sessions having practised it myself, I had a principal concern – how will women hold the asanas in the right technique for a few minutes while keeping their mind calm? There’s only so much the ambience, their health priorities and I can push them. Besides, instead of feeling mildly forced, I wanted them to remember each class as a celebration of their minds and bodies. That’s when I decided to turn to my old friend and confidante – Songs with lyrics.

When you’re getting used to the idea of spending that much time with yourself and surrendering, focusing takes a while. Songs that are lilting & have words to grab your attention encourage you to stay still for long. For my classes, I started designing playlists of different comforting tracks that would match the flow of the class and ensure that my students felt more relaxed as the 5 Week Module progressed.

With the first 2 batches, I started noticing what big role music played in uplifting the mood of the women who’d made an effort to self-nurture. “The music was in the background was beautiful…” “Can you please share the playlist of today’s class with me?” “I was swaying in the middle of class…”

It made me grin ear to ear and pushed me to put more work into crafting each playlist. Every class has a different set of songs. And when I encourage women to practice by themselves, I also advise them to take forward the same idea to avoid the exhaustion from the same music which will shift their focus from the breath and course of the yoga.

Today, my Spotify account has 40-50 different playlists and counting. Yes, it engulfs me sometimes, but even now when I’m preparing the emotional and physical schedule of a new batch, I do cartwheels at the opportunity of new tunes being played. Keeps my curiosity and creativity alive as well! I have a batch starting in nearly 2 weeks and I just spent the last week discovering some very peaceful songs…Guess who’s ecstatic? 😍

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