Of all the conversations and interactions we have on a daily basis, the most important is the one we have with ourselves! Oh yes! It’s because a little self-talk (whether in the head, or aloud) can go a long way in shaping not just the day in question, but in fact, also our life at large.

But the point is, what are we telling ourselves? What words are we speaking? Are these words that weigh us down or lift us up? Well, since the world outside is enough of people who sap our energy, rob us of our joy and mental peace, let’s not become just like one of them. Instead, let’s strive to become our biggest cheerleader and greatest anchor, even as we find ourselves in the middle of chaos, as we sometimes do.

For such uplifting self-talk, what comes in handy is a list of positive affirmations that can invigorate parts of our mind and body both! “Affirmation” comes from the Latin word “affirmare”, which means “to make something steady or to strengthen.” Positive affirmations work in a similar way as they strengthen our self-belief and put us in the right frame of mind to face life once again!

So, here are 4 simple affirmations you can repeat to yourself to internalize them over time for creating a stronger, resilient and happier you.

  • I have all the strength within me to face whatever comes my way!

The truth is every one of us is endowed with great strength. But since this resource is invisible to the eye, we tend to doubt our capabilities and feel defeated or hopeless, especially during tough times.

However, we have seen countless examples of people who faced the direst of situations just because they chose to be strong through it all. Similarly, you and I, too have that strength within us. All that is needed is that we deepen this belief so that when the situation arises, we too can bring forth that strength from within, rather than wallowing in self-pity.

So, tell yourself every day that even if hardships await me, I will muster all my courage and strength and fight it like a superhero! This will put you in good stead to face every challenge (whether big or small) head on!

  • I am living a good life, and I will make it even better with each passing day!

No one’s life is perfect, but most of us are fortunate to be living a rather good life, whether we believe it or not. Even if there are certain aspects of our life that we don’t like very much, we must not let them overshadow all the other good parts. This affirmation will serve as a means to acknowledge all the ways in which our life is good and will fill us with gratitude and positivity. This in turn, will attract more goodness and happiness in our lives.

Further, the second part of this affirmation will inject a fresh lease of determination in us to take charge of those areas which require improvement. It will help our brain shed its passive attitude and instead think and act with a sense of pro-activeness.

In this way, such an affirmation will have a two-in-one effect!

  • Every nerve, cell and fiber in my body is healthy, and brimming with positivity and energy!

With so many life-threatening diseases and ailments lurking around us, many of us have become fearful for our health and well-being. While it’s good in one way, as it makes us conscious of our habits and lifestyle patterns, but if it makes us overly anxious, then that is definitely not right. Moreover, it is said that what we think, we attract. So, whether we are suffering from any illness or we’re okay, let us tell ourselves that every nerve, cell and fiber in our body is healthy (or is becoming healthy). We can also back it up with visualizing each tiny fragment in our body undergoing a healthy transformation.

It is believed by many that such techniques have the potential to aid us in our recovery or to become healthier than what we already are (along with other things of course). So, instead of thinking negatively, let us use this positive affirmation to uplift our spirits which in turn may even release healthy hormones in our body, filling us with renewed energy. 

  • I am capable of doing amazing things! And I’m going to do it all!

Yes, you read that right! Say this to yourself every single day of your life. It is because every one of us is gifted with so much potential, which if channelized well can help us do the most wonderful things! This affirmation should be like a reminder or a nudge to follow our passions, dreams and goals with childlike exuberance.

What’s more? This will also ensure that we don’t allow self-doubt to creep into our minds. Let’s just say it aloud with full conviction until we can feel enthusiasm course through our veins!

Act on the Affirmations

Affirmations work by giving us that much-needed kick, a new perspective to go about things or to face life with an optimistic outlook. However, what we must remember is that just parroting these won’t be enough. Firstly, we need to believe in them, and secondly, we need to act based on them. Only when we do all three things can we actually move things in our life, in the best direction.

So, here’s wishing that you are able to apply these affirmations (or for that matter any of your favourite ones), to lead the happiest life possible!

Good luck to you ❤️

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