Dried Fruits Consumed Judiciously Boost Health Markers, Provide Rich Nutrients

Don’t be afraid to toss a handful of raisins or dried apricots this festival and winter season, as research says dried fruit may relate to better health. These natural treasures not only provide a much-needed energy boost but also offer a rich source of nutrients. The results of the study showed that persons who ate … Read more

Romance Is Making A Comeback

Imagine it is 2010, you’re in leaving a mall humming the romantic “Sadka Kiya…” because you’ve just stepped out of the hilariously romantic “I Hate Luv Storys” with butterflies in your stomach. You sit in the car and the radio is playing the melodious “Tera Hone Laga Hoon,” from yet another rom com you saw … Read more

Prevalence Of Conduct Disorder To Be Around 3 Percent In School-aged Children

A new study examined evidence from research conducted around the world and estimated the prevalence of conduct disorder in school-aged children to be around 3%, making it the primary reason for referral to child and adolescent mental health services.

Music Therapy Eases Stress Of Preterm Moms

Premature births are stressful experiences that raise the risk of anxiety in women and may impede the development of mother-infant relationships. According to a new study, the combination of singing and kangaroo care improves the welfare of preterm infant mothers while also making it simpler for them to build a bond with their kids.

Decoding Mindfulness Meditation’s Healing Potential With Neuroscience

Mindfulness meditation provides personal experiences that are difficult for scientists studying its clinical advantages in the brain to interpret. Researchers are now able to combine mindfulness experience with empirical neuroscience data to generate testable hypotheses about the science – and the stated mental health benefits – of the practice.

Drink Wine And Be Good To The Earth

Staying at a vineyard for the first time in a wine growing region you’ve only studied of is best enjoyed in harvest season. Right? Right? Or so I thought. When we landed, we were welcomed with expected lower temperatures (courtesy hemisphere change) and lots of rain. In the words of our talkative driver “It’s supposed … Read more

A Love Letter To Landour

Bringing to life our storybook descriptions is a charming cantonment town called Landour. Crisp air, blankets of deodar trees, clean winding streets, aesthetic churches and heartening food. It’s no mystery why personalities like the beloved Ruskin Bond and Vishal Bharadwaj have their homes up there.

7 Life Lessons From Bollywood

Who says you can’t learn something from movies? The Hindi film industry popularly known as “Bollywood” has time and again demonstrated that when you step into a movie theatre with that buttery tub of popcorn, starry eyes & invincible curiosity, you end up taking back with you a lot more than what you expected. Here are 7 transformative Hindi film dialogues that taught us all something:

“Insaan ko dibbe mein bas tab hona chahiye, jab woh marr chuka ho.”

– Laila, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara (2011)

Listen to Laila! Don’t postpone life. Live in the NOW, life is happening to you as you read this. 


“Jis kaam mein maza aaye usse apne profession banalo. Phir kaam, kaam nahi, khel lagega.”

-Rancho, 3 Idiots (2009)

One of the greatest mantras. Follow your passion–your dream, and you won’t even realise when you start enjoying the journey.


“Jab apne aap ko pyaar karne lagte hain, toh wohi puraani zindagi nayi lagne lagti hai, achhi lagne lagti hai.”

-Shashi, English Vinglish (2012)

The importance of self-love can’t be better depicted than this dialogue. Prioritising and loving yourself helps you gain a new confidence towards your life. Well said, Shashi!


“Agar khul kar ro nahi sakogi, toh khul kar has kaise paaogi.”

-Dr. Jug, Dear Zindagi (2016)

We are living a rollercoaster and till we’re not able to accept and express our truest emotions, how will we pave way for happier horizons? And when you’ve got Dr. Jug saying it like that, it makes you want to listen to it even more, doesn’t it? 


“Koi zarurat nahi kisi aur ke kehne pe apne sky ka colour change karne ki. Har ek ka apna sky hota hai. Tumhare sky ka colour jo bhi ho, aur tum jo bhi karna chahte ho, kar sakte ho.”

Aditi, The Sky Is Pink (2019)

The title of this film & this very dialogue is a metaphor for life. Don’t design your life based on anybody else’s expectations. This is your path and your story. So live, love, laugh and relish it as per YOU.


“Kahin pahunchne ke liye, kahin se nikalnaa bahut zaruri hota hai.”

-Bunny, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (2013)

Preach, Bunny! Letting go, walking away or evolving is the biggest sign of growing as a person and should be accepted and celebrated. That’s how you’ll experience new beginnings.


“Dil mein jo hai who bol dena chahiye, aise dabake nahi rakhna chahiye acidity ho jaati hai.”

-Nina, Cheeni Kum (2007)

Something that can’t be emphasised enough. Keeping everything inside of us takes us nowhere expect to that rabit hole of overthinking. Yes, it can be tough at times, but say it, because once you do, you’ll feel lighter and heave a sigh of relief. 


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How To Avoid An Ugggh PCOS Flare Up Post Vacays

Hey I am a cyster  and I am sure so are you. Yes we are PCOS warriors. I love travelling, eating out and doing everything that can derail my hormones. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 18 years old and it took a lot of work on me through nutrition, yoga and nurturing my mental and emotional health to get me here to help other cysters. So here’s one for making our holidays fun, and not facing that uggggh flare up once back. I do this and keep it down. And so can you.

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Mental and sexual health win at the 2nd edition of The Restore Awards

The Restore Awards spotlight health warriors who have won battles against grave conditions They also highlight lesser known brands that stand for the health of the earth. Mumbai, December 11, 2021: The 2nd Restore Awards felicitated both individuals and brands at an awards ceremony at the ITC Maratha in Mumbai. The awards were instituted in 2020 to … Read more


The term “Love-hate relationship” was actually coined to describe my true feelings for exercise. Can’t do with, can’t do without. Over time, I know it’s become a lot better and I mostly listen to logic and mull over that liberating release I feel after a good session of moderate movement. “Moderate” – a key word. … Read more


“When something unexpected hits us, we’re faced with the choice of it controlling our lives or starting afresh. That’s easier said than done since it comes with a certain amount of anxiety & lack of confidence. For the last year, we’ve been shaping our lives around a dangerous virus that has caused existential questions and unexplainable frustration.”


“As a style of yoga, Yin is unique. She targets the bones, ligaments & joints aiming to guide you to their feelings & how to connect those to your emotions. Her method sounds easier said than done: holding a few seated poses for at least 2-3 minutes, paying complete attention to yourself.”


“People had to engage with each other through small video boxes on screen and zoom “parties” and “meetings” were commonplace. My friend whose family is scattered all around the world and country, told me excitedly how a nephew would organise Sunday zoom parties.”