A woman’s work is never complete. This Women’s Day, pause, unhurry and self-nurture.

We run from pillar to post
Trying to accomplish everything
The superwoman way.
A beautiful home, a few breezy plants in the corner, the perfect lighting
The children’s homework done on time, the tiffin packed for school
The spouse’s medicines are bundled into a tiny little box to be eaten post-lunch
And separate dietary restrictions for the ageing parent.
A regular day, day after day
And then some work from home for the boss
An impossible deadline which only you can meet
With an invisible magical wand
You solve the problems of those around you.

“So When is the time to self-nurture?” Just pause and let everyone miss you for just two hours on March 8.

This Women’s Day, we want you. To self-nurture, release the anxiety, feel free. Understand how you can get leaner, healthier, higher energy with workshops that empower you to take charge of your health without getting stressed out.

We understand you don’t have time. And that is why we have made it easy for you by putting all the tips and insights between just 4 and 6 pm on March 8. We share with you the wisdom of what’s good for your hormones, how you can release your anxiety, and a specialised seven days detox meal plan to help you get through without too much effort. Our yoga experts help you release the excess hormones and stress, making you feel energetic in just a few minutes. When you emerge out of these two hours, you will be lighter, freer and ready to take on the world. Join now, register on the link below. It’s free. Everybody else may want something from you, we only want to give you a wonderful time.

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