Hormonal imbalance can mess up our bodies!

“Hormones are these tiny but crucial chemical messengers in our body like insulin, estrogen, progesterone, cortisol etc. They are very powerful and they have an impact on our body weight, temperature, appetite, sexual and reproductive function and even our mood.”

A few of the hormone-related cancers in women are namely breast, endometrium and ovarian cancer. But unfortunately, a lot of women that we have come across in our experience are unaware of the impact of hormonal imbalance and the role they play in terms of cancer. Being unaware about the same, they often end up brushing away the symptoms such as constipation or diarrhoea, losing or gaining too much weight, hot flashes, sweating, exhaustion, and infertility, many people brush off the symptoms and do not seek medical treatment. If left untreated, overall a long duration of time and being hormone-sensitive can prove to be disastrous and chances are that they might end up having cancer.

So, what are the dangers of hormonal imbalance that a woman should be aware of?
● Irregular periods
● Weight gain
● Hair growth where it shouldn’t be growing, like on your face
● Thinning hair
● Mood swings and depression
● Difficulty sleeping
● Changes in heart rate
● Fatigue
● Excessive sweating and hot flashes
● Changes in sex drive
● Acne

What can cause this havoc in our bodies?

All women experience slight changes in hormones when they hit puberty, when they have monthly periods, or when they tend to reach menopause. The problem comes in when we try to artificially mend our body or do not take care of it. Every woman should be thought about-

  • Birth control pills/ Hormone replacement therapy- Talk about the risk and benefits before starting the pills/ Hormone replacement therapy
  • A poor diet
  • Chronic inflammation and obesity/ sedentary lifestyle
  • Endocrine disruptors such as Bisphenol- A (BPA) found in the plastic water bottles
  • Extreme stress

What can we do to help them?

Educating them on a healthy lifestyle is a very important step, as solving the lifestyle issues means solving most of the hormonal imbalance issues which are equal to the prevention of cancer!

Following lifestyle changes might naturally help them-

  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Eat a balanced diet rich in fruits and veggies (especially cruciferous veggies)
  • Avoiding alcohol, cigarette smoking or tobacco products
  • Being physically active
  • Remember, sleep is our best friend. Motivate yourself to try to sleep and wake up at the same time.
  • Reduce stress

Therefore staying as close to nature while handling the hormonal imbalance is the best way to go!

Disclaimer: The views expressed are of the writer only. You can also read more about coping with a cancer recurrence here

Samara Mahindra

Founder & CEO of CARER
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