Independence From Pain

As we rush towards a more prosperous tomorrow, our goal is brighter, shinier and our quality of life is getting shallower. India at 76 has over 100 million diabetics, 54.5 million cardiac patients, 1.4 million cancer patients and 56 million patients with depression. Each disease comes with the risk of a poor quality of life, … Read more

A Trauma Can Steer One’s Life Towards Positive Personal Growth

As humans, we have an innate ability to adapt. Along the healing journey of trauma, one may notice positive changes in one’s outlook on life, relationships, and priorities. A grave experience diverts a person’s focus towards deeper meanings in life and makes one work towards what was lost or left behind.

Social Support And Physical Activity Vital For Cancer Survivors Well-being

June 13, 2023; Unhurry Expert Research Team Surviving cancer is a tough row to hoe. Apart from the physical anguish that one goes through, the critical factors that affect health-related quality of life increase in number. It is important that all these factors are addressed to ensure physical and mental health for these patients, especially … Read more

Reduce Risk of Cancer And Mental Health Disorder With This

Reduce Risk of Cancer And Mental Health Disorder With This

May 09, 2023; Unhurry Expert Research Team After a randomized, controlled trial of community gardening, University of Colorado at Boulder, found that those who started gardening ate more fibre and got more physical activity — two known ways to reduce risk of cancer and chronic diseases. They also saw their levels of stress and anxiety … Read more

Music Therapy Increases Medication Efficacy

“Music-listening interventions are like over-the-counter medications,” said Jason Kiernan, an assistant professor in the College of Nursing. “You don’t need a doctor to prescribe them.” While listening to a favourite song is a known mood booster, researchers at Michigan State University have discovered that music-listening interventions also can make medicines more effective.

MBI’s Prove A Positive Impact On DNA Among Cancer Patients

Mindfulness based therapy and supportive expressive therapy have been found to improve cellular level health among cancer patients, a study reveals. Practicing open and supportive sharing of feelings, and encouraging self-expression was one of the features that was discovered to avail high benefits in wellbeing.

This Food Can Give You Colorectal Cancer

In a study published in The BMJ, researchers found that men who consumed high rates of ultra-processed foods were at 29% higher risk for developing colorectal cancer – the third most diagnosed cancer in the United States – than men who consumed much smaller amounts.

How Stress Can Increase Your Risk For Cancer

The wear and tear on the body from chronic and lifelong stress can also lead to an increased risk of dying from cancer, Medical College of Georgia researchers report.

4 Ways To Prevent And Recover From Cancer

On World Cancer Day today, pledge to lead a healthier life and spread this message to help other cancer patients to eat there faster recovery. Let’s beat cancer.

Mozart, Meditation And A Yoga Mat: Oncologists Welcome Integrative Therapies For Breast Cancer

A breast cancer patient dealing with anxiety, depression or mood swings could soon be encouraged by her oncologist to learn meditation techniques, join a yoga class or put music to therapeutic use.

Air Pollution Cancer Breakthrough Will Rewrite The Rules

Researchers say they have cracked how air pollution leads to cancer, in a discovery that completely transforms our understanding of how tumours arise.