Mindfulness For Beginners

Do you feel your thoughts are overpowering you? Do you feel you have no control over your life? In today’s fast world, it is difficult to slow down and enjoy simple pleasures. So, if you feel you need to stop and watch those flowers grow, you have stumbled upon the right article.

Mindfulness is the key to a happier and more meaningful life. Mornings are a great time to practice mindfulness. So, make it a point to not rush through your morning routine. Sit for a while and enjoy the moment. Focus on your breathing. In other words, by practicing mindfulness, you channel yourself into a positive mind frame.

Mindful Eating: Watch what you eat. Make sure to incorporate different colors, flavors, and textures into your meals.

Appreciate your food, chew it well and most importantly keep yourself away from screens while eating.

Mindfulness is all about “being in the moment”, and “being present”. In other words, paying attention forms the crux of mindfulness.

Spend Time amidst the Greens: So, what can do you to attain mindfulness? Walk around, spend time with nature, and trail around the green areas. Smell, observe the plants, hear the trees blow with wind, and feel the weather.

Meditate: Meditation is a form of art that teaches you to shut down all distractions. It can be a great way to reduce stress and relax. So, when you meditate, you connect with your mind.

Focus on your Task: Slow down and take one step at a time. So, when you are multitasking, you are actually dividing your focus. As a result, the chances of making mistakes increase. Focus on the work you have taken up. Try to get it done mindfully until you move on with the next one.

Understand your Feelings: Being present at the moment means understanding your feelings.

In other words, you need to accept unpleasant emotions as well. Acknowledging them is the best way to move on.

Spend Time on Hobbies: Engage yourself in some kind of a hobby to practice mindfulness. Enjoy the moments of your creativity. Additionally, mindfulness can encourage creative flow.


Engage in Sports or Exercise: Do you enjoy sports? Exercises or sports engage your mind as well as body. Find something that interests you, as this will help you to practice mindfulness elsewhere.

So, try out some of the methods and gain better control over your life. You will be surprising yourself with all the amazing benefits that come with mindfulness.

Moumita Bose

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