“Feeling empty and lost can become a routine in PCOS”
“PCOS can make you feel lost & stray”
“I feel desolated in PCOS”- said by almost all women with PCOS

“PCOS can be vicious; it does not only subject you to long-term health effects but also change your quality of life.”

Women with PCOS are more likely to experience low self-esteem, psychological distress, and eating disorders, according to a recent community-based study. Self-esteem seems to be linked to the quality of life issues in PCOS.

Research shows that manifestation of the symptoms of PCOS may be a lot distressful, including excess hair growth, hair loss, acne, weight changes and fertility problems, can negatively affect mood, self-confidence and body image.

It has also been shown that the longer it takes for a woman to receive a diagnosis of PCOS, the more likely she is to be depressed or anxious.  It can be difficult to cope with the symptoms of PCOS especially if you don’t’ know the cause.

According to several studies, depression and anxiety are common in women with PCOS. So never ignore your mental health.

I am sharing my top three tips that helped me come out of my depressed zone when I was diagnosed with PCOS and was heading to nowhere.

  1. Self-Acceptance and acknowledgement that you have got PCOS– Easier said than done. But the early you realise this, the better it gets. Its very important to accept the fact that now you have to take charge of your health. Nobody is coming to give you that magic pill as unfortunately there isn’t any so accept the fact and start exploring your body.
  2. Change your lifestyle– No matter what age are you, how severe your symptoms are, its always the most sustainable solution to start with the right lifestyle changes. Be it meeting nutritional needs or heading to the gym without fail. Even if you are on a medication or not, its always a good idea to start incorporating the right essential necessary changes.
  3. Seek family support & professional help– You are not going to be alone. There has to be someone who understand you. Be it a family member or a professional. Believe me there is always a solution & always a path to light. You can never be too alone. Seek, shout for help, get somebody, hire somebody, help yourself no matter what. Don’t panic, write down your symptoms, all the PCOS symptoms can be managed individually and every 1 in 5 women is having PCOS and many of them are able to live a quality life without even having a cure to this syndrome in the medical field. So don’t lose hope.

The good news is

“If I & many other women can manage my symptoms naturally despite being a couch potato for years, YOU CAN DO IT TOO”

Be patient & consistent. Love yourself! You deserve this.

Neha Sahu

After battling her own PCOS struggles and journey, Neha leads a community for women with PCOS and help them manage their symptoms naturally. You can follow her work and page @lookgoodinpcos.

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