Last week I gave you a few ideas on how you can indulge in self-love with nature. What about children then? Isn’t it spoiling them?

“Having positive feelings about oneself is necessary for our kid’s overall emotional health and well-being.”

Few instances to spoil oneself with which your children love most is essential. 

What’s self-love with nature then?

Do you remember that mother nature doesn’t charge us or judge us. She is all in. Numerous times kids try and fail. Mother nature is all there observing, not judging or getting into the kid’s head with her opinion and eventually when kids succeed in that particular task. That’s not just victory but a very important lesson of trusting oneself.

Okay, but how do we do it?

Of course, our ideas of self-love for adults will equally work for older children( secondary to higher secondary grades). Here are a few funnier ideas on inculcating self-love to younger children by taking nature mother’s help.

  • Take a family trip to a park and actually call in friends and cousins. More the merrier. Every city and town in India has a place with good biodiversity.  Ms Google can suggest a place that is big enough to run around and one where you can spot a few birds and insects.
  • Prepare a BINGO GAME with cards telling your kid to find living beings that share kid’s good character and also character that you might want your kids to develop.
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Here is an example of one of our modules we developed for our little ones. You can add or reduce the number of things on your list.

  1. Shares food
  2. Quick climber/runner
  3. Loves friends
  4. Big one
  5. Small one
  6. Beautiful one
  7. Finishes food
  8. Loves drinking water
  9. Builds beautiful nests.
  10. Tries no matter what

Our children were in a group of 3 and went on to their hunt. Few were able to finish their list and few had one /two pending but importantly we had fun discussions after that. Kids brimmed with creative answers and were able to associate themself with one or more of the list and they were very proud of themself.

You can also give physical features to the game.

  1. Dark hair
  2. Big eyes
  3. Curly
  4. Spot 7 Colors

This gives a chance for kids to appreciate the fact that everyone is unique and it is equally beautiful. Nature comes in all sizes and shapes and it is absolutely normal to have varieties.

Just as we were concluding the session, One child announced that the moral of the game was that his best friend brings amazing aloo paratha and he will have to bring extras for him henceforth like the bird. P.s (Best Friend’s amma agreed to make an extra dabba.)

“The moral of the session was actually never underestimate the power of little ones.”

Meet you all next month with more love from nature and our walks.

Sai Devi

Educator and Founder of Thicket Tales which capacitates children and families to explore and learn from their surroundings through games, experiments and projects.

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