How To Avoid An Ugggh PCOS Flare Up Post Vacays

Hey I am a cyster  and I am sure so are you. Yes we are PCOS warriors. I love travelling, eating out and doing everything that can derail my hormones. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 18 years old and it took a lot of work on me through nutrition, yoga and nurturing my mental and emotional health to get me here to help other cysters. So here’s one for making our holidays fun, and not facing that uggggh flare up once back. I do this and keep it down. And so can you.

  1. Keep your itinerary simple: A hectic schedule means fatigue which will instantly block your hormones. Remember, you are on a vacation and the goal is to let go and unwind. Make a plan inclusive of enjoyment and rest. So if you want to catch the sunrise, make sure you catch an afternoon nap after that. Sleep is very important to keep the hormones happy.
  2. Stay Active: Hormones start making the body store fat if there is an activity. But of course, during a holiday, staying active is one of the pleasures of being out there. So staying active is something easy for you to do while on a trip. Ensure to get in some walking before meals for 20 min 3 times a day. This will keep your hormones unsuspicious and your metabolic rate up.
  3. Indulge in a cheat meal: Binge fests are common while holidaying. And that’s what leads to a PCOS flare when back home. To truly relish the experience of a holiday and pacify your hormones, ensure to indulge in a cheat meal just once in your trip at lunch. For the rest of the time, stick to your gluten-free and loads of vegetables meal plans.
  4. Have a glass of red wine: The presence of Resveratrol in the skin of the grapes makes it a win-win. It’s anti-inflammatory and aids weight loss by blocking the absorption of fat. Research has found that it moderates the androgen hormones. And the highest amount of resveratrol is found in the grape called Cabernet Sauvignon. So try looking for that when you want to do cheers!
  5. Spend 20 min in the sun: Oh, I love the sun. Especially the early morning or the one just before the task. The soft breeze carries our skin and gives you a source of natural Vitamin D. It also ensures me-time which instantly releases serotonin and ensures a good quality of sleep. But, remember to wear a sunscreen!
  6. Get enough sleep: Tough, when you’ve got lots planned. The most important tip for a cyster is getting adequate sleep. Lack of sleep causes bloating, breakouts, migraines and many more issues. That’s not something you want to experience while holidaying or a week after you are back.

Pack your bag and you go girl!

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