Nature treks as therapy

Time spent in nature – whether walking in a park or birding, trekking or rock climbing — is therapeutic, and can help with physical ailments and with mental well-being. There are several people who discover the benefits of being outdoors either through professional advice or serendipitously. Geetanjali lost her father when he was just 62 … Read more

Feeling Low? Going On a Holiday is Travel Therapy, Says Science

Going on a holiday can have a positive impact on those with mental health issues and can function as ‘travel therapy’ for mental health and well-being. What is “travel therapy”? Most of us have probably heard of music therapy and art therapy. A recent interdisciplinary article suggests that we alter the way we think about … Read more

A Love Letter To Landour

Bringing to life our storybook descriptions is a charming cantonment town called Landour. Crisp air, blankets of deodar trees, clean winding streets, aesthetic churches and heartening food. It’s no mystery why personalities like the beloved Ruskin Bond and Vishal Bharadwaj have their homes up there.

How To Avoid An Ugggh PCOS Flare Up Post Vacays

Hey I am a cyster  and I am sure so are you. Yes we are PCOS warriors. I love travelling, eating out and doing everything that can derail my hormones. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 18 years old and it took a lot of work on me through nutrition, yoga and nurturing my mental and emotional health to get me here to help other cysters. So here’s one for making our holidays fun, and not facing that uggggh flare up once back. I do this and keep it down. And so can you.

‘Travel therapy’: Could holidays help mental health and wellbeing?

Many of us will have likely heard of music therapy and art therapy — but what about ‘travel therapy’? Exercise has been linked to mental wellbeing and travelling often involves enhanced physical activity, such as more walking.


“Nature engages the mind, body and soul of not just children but the entire family!”