Things I Wish I Had Known From Gen Z

Being born in the 90s, I remember being told to do as directed. This means I could not question or make my own decisions.

Today the workplace has people from all generations, and the practice is to live harmoniously without stepping on anybody’s toes. Although millennials are striving, Gen Z comes up with incredible sustenance, and there are many things I could learn from them. Here I have listed the things I wished I had known from Gen Z.

Team Spirit:

Honestly speaking, we all have this “ME” element in us. In particular, Gen Z has those traits and their urge to help others. They believe there is no harm in sharing talents to improve the workplace. I wish we also thought in the same line.

Monetary Lessons: 

The wonders of a piggy bank. Not that I didn’t have one. But it served more as a decoration piece than a pot for actual money. I see my niece trying to save all she has from her pocket money. She thinks it is crucial to keep some for future endeavours. And she seriously never touches her money at all.

Speaking Up:

Having opinions does not mean you are being disrespectful. It is, in fact, worth fighting for one’s rights, healthcare, or education. How one brings up his/her opinion defines how it will be received. If one intends to speak out for talking behind, that is different. We, in our times, just nodded and agreed to whatever was being told to us. Gen Z is not scared about expressing themselves.

Work-Life Balance:

Gen Z has incredible social skills. We, the Millennials, I feel, struggled a lot to strike a balance between family, friends, and work. I used to hear about sleepless nights and late-night work from my father. That was a norm in almost all families then. Of course, I am incredibly thankful to my father for all the efforts he has put in while raising us.

The Millennials and Boomers tended to stick to a single job, whereas Gen Z is better known for their job hopping. I feel even the Millennials need to expand their horizon and explore other things they are good at.

Smart Use of Technology:

First, I must acknowledge that there is nothing wrong with how the old school functioned. But we should always be open to accepting change and trying something better.

This, in a way, makes life a lot easier. Smartphones have made communications all over the world easier like never before. So why not embrace it?

So, there are plenty of things we can learn from Gen Z. Millennials may find Gen Z more impatient, but since the world is constantly changing and moving we can also become a part of it.

Moumita Bose

A lifestyle content writer, Moumita loves travelling and visiting new countries. Originally from Kolkata, Moumita now lives in the Netherlands.

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