When rosy cheeks are a red flag for a deeper problem

Rosy cheeks have been synonymous with beauty for ages. This is the reason behind ‘blush’ being one of the most popular beauty hacks – that pinkish powder women love to dab onto the apples of their cheeks to look young and fresh.

There is danger, however, when rosy cheeks turn rosier to the point of visible discomfort & embarrassment. If an individual is experiencing deep red blushing that persists, accompanied sometimes by acne-like bumps and broken blood vessels, it may be a warning sign of a deeper problem that needs proper attention.

Red cheeks could in fact be a sign of ‘Rosacea’ – a skin condition derived from the Latin term ‘Rosaceus’, meaning ‘rose-coloured’ since the most common and visible symptom is red cheeks. This is an underdiagnosed condition often confused with acne.

The global impact of Rosacea:

Researchers have estimated that the global prevalence of this widespread facial skin disorder was over 415 million in the year 2018. Science is yet to find a single known cause of Rosacea though it is often linked to multiple factors within the human biosystem and known to be triggered by external factors like diet, climate, environment etc. as well.

Despite being heavily under diagnosed, the average monthly searches in India itself for the term Rosacea is 10k to 100k, an alarmingly increasing phenomenon.

Why ignoring Rosacea is not a good idea

Individuals with Rosacea have higher incidences of embarrassment, social anxiety, depression, and decreased quality of life compared to the rest of the population.

The psychosocial impact of Rosacea can be severe and debilitating and can lead to social stigmatization.

There is also accumulating evidence of significant associations between Rosacea and other diseases and it often gets worse with time, hence taking quick action to address the underlying issues is important.

The obstacle to getting rid of Rosacea

Social standards for skin appearance have changed over the last few decades. This has led to an increase in the population’s desire to have flawless skin. There is now a mad rush for expensive and luxury skin-care products which, while it might have its uses, somehow takes the focus away from the root causes of skin anomalies.. similar to wanting the car exterior shiny without a well-serviced engine, wheels, battery and other car parts.

Skincare is only the tip of the iceberg and is not really about skin. This inappropriate attention to the surface keeps us away from finding real lasting solutions and that, unfortunately, is the story with conventional Rosacea treatments as well, most of which address the symptoms rather than the root causes.

Skin works with other body systems, not in isolation, and we as humans depend on the biosystem. Hence, we can only hope to manage the symptoms with surface-level treatments, which lead us further away from a lasting cure.

The right approach to getting rid of Rosacea forever

The good news is that a holistic approach makes it possible to get rid of Rosacea with lasting and sustainable results. When treating Rosacea, it is important to remember… there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Reversing Rosacea needs a personalized and tailored action plan which treats the complete individual and not just the surface or an individual pillar of health.

A plan that arrives at the ideal solution after a thorough assessment of skin, body, life, toxicity, lifestyle, impact and all factors that impact skin health.

There is no quick-fix solution, and it needs 100% commitment from the individual and the health care provider is driven by a need to educate the individual to make wise choices about their own skin health and not settle for short-term solutions.

There is increasing hope for those who continue to live in hiding because of Rosacea, with many reversing the condition. Rosacea need not be a lifelong curse and individuals can start living life fully without the uneasiness and frustration that accompanies it. The first step is an intent to heal inside out and the commitment to reset the mind, body and spirit holistically.

Nidhi Kapoor

Nidhi Kapoor is a holistic health coach and the founder of ‘No More Red Skin’ established in 2022 with a vision to show women with rosacea how to take charge of their skin health naturally by tapping into the inner healer after her own personal journey and struggle with Rosacea. You can follow her on Instagram by clicking here and she can be reached at nomoreredskin@gmail.com.

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