Mindfulness Training Reduces Hair Cortisol, Eases Everyday Stress

Working on the mind can help your body cope with stress. A stress hormone called cortisol is released in the hair which also provides information about how much a person is burdened by persistent stress. Research found that mental training reduces the concentration of the stress hormone cortisol in hair. Previous research on the benefits … Read more

Mindfulness, a potential treatment option for menopausal women

That irritability, anxiety, and mood swings experienced because of menopause can be managed by practicing mindfulness. A study by Mayo Clinic found that being mindful may be especially helpful for reducing menopausal symptoms and overall stress. The research was published in Climacteric: The Journal of the International Menopause Society. “In this study, we found that … Read more

Your Skin Reacts To Your Mental Health

The relationship between your skin and mental health is more than skin-deep.Experts say that treating psychological problems can also help with improving your skin. Emerging skin problems such as acne, itching, dryness or irritation could mean more than changing up your skincare products or hydrating more. Issues with your skin could mean psychological burden, or burnout and can be telling of changes in your lifestyle. 


Reversing rosacea is a ray of hope amidst the message of doom that spells – “rosacea has no cure” and this statement needs to be understood in the right context.

Increased Depression And Suicidal Thoughts Are Reported In Patients With Chronically Itchy Skin

The presence of itch in dermatological patients was significantly associated with clinical depression, suicidal ideation and stress, reported In a new multicenter cross-sectional study on the psychological burden of itch.

2 Step Self-Care Routine at Home

“That’s right! A miracle potion is suitable for all skin types. An overnight cellular repair face oil.”


“The production of all-natural makeup products, however, does not harm the environment.”

Drink to Look Attractive!

Everybody loves the researchers at the University of Bristol. And that’s because they have proven via a study that one glass of red wine makes you more attractive than no alcohol. The bad news? The effect wears off if you consume more. The volunteers were presented with images depicting an individual photographed while sober and … Read more