I am a nobody.

A drop in the ocean.

A fly in the sky.

An atom in the vastness of life.

A single blade of grass in the whole wide world.

A profound reality in this illusion called life.

Yet I feel the goodness of life coursing through my veins.

The magic in the music I hear.

The dance my feet want to dance everyday.

The curry that comes alive everyday with the ladle that stirs.

The positivity I greet the day with.

The sun that waltzes in the sky.

The moon that brings the stars into my life.

My heart that swells with love each time my eyes behold my kids.

The reality of the pay cheque brought home.

The dreams that hold me dear to myself.

I am Life.

I am part of the Divine.

I am the vastness within.

I am somebody within my eyes.

A genius in this Journey called life

Neha Bali

Neha is a Practitioner of energy healing modalities like Thetahealing, E.F.T., Mindfulness, Meditation, and Family constellation. She has 20+ years of experience in holistic healing.

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