In our programmes, children apply science and mathematics to real-life scenarios. But

why, you may ask. Well, because it is a lot more fun to solve clues while learning

through the process.

“A lot of subjects are losing their relevance today in the real world.”

Learning from nature is holistic. It allows children not just to connect with Mother Nature, but also provides some fun science lessons if one pays attention! I wrote a programme about how trees taught us math. Here is another story.

Another group of kids and another weekend. This time, we met at Lalbagh, Bengaluru. The poster announced “A Day in the Jungle,” but most families were not entirely sure of what to expect. This was a creative session and the team at Thicket Tales was less prepared to be blown away by the young naturalists. The activity involved clues, rules and jumbled sentence exercises, games, and everything had to do with exploring the prey-predator relationship.

Once again, Sai Ma’am went: “I have a doubt.”

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“Again?!” chanted the audience.

Sai smiled. “I know you are dholes, langurs and deer. But you don’t look like them…”

The children looked around at each other, giggling. “So what?”

“Why don’t you all use the materials around you and become your animal?” asked Sai.

“What do you mean?” called out a few children.

After a few minutes of chaos, kids scattered.

One boy picked up a long strip of grass. “This is my tail,” he announced.

Two girls found big leaves and made them into deer ears.

Another girl made a band with two leaves pointing upwards, just like dhole ears.

The twins took out the paint and started colouring their faces to look like the perfect Hanuman langurs. In no time, the parents had joined the fun as well. The whole group was painting each other with spots and whiskers.

Then began the real game of chasing each other and at the end, the children ended up challenging the Thicket Tales team to a push-up contest (don’t ask us who won! We are keeping our mouths shut).

Do you now see how nature learning facilitates an easy flow of creativity? This lost form of education engages the mind, body and soul of not just children but the entire family!

Why do we suggest that everyone get their children outside? Nature always quenches curiosity, builds patience, and connects youngsters to their surroundings, but more importantly, children end up having real fun. What is better than making memories together?

Sai Devi

Educator and Founder of Thicket Tales which capacitates children and families to explore and learn from their surroundings through games, experiments and projects.

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