Amrita Saraf is a baby sleep consultant and having gone through depression twice, once after a stillbirth, and the second time after the birth of her daughter, she makes it a point to reach out to new moms for maternal mental health support and let them know it’s okay to ask for help and they don’t need to suffer in silence. Her work on social media is dedicated to that, and it is her intention is to reach out to as many parents and mothers in particular so they can be each other’s virtual village. She is the winner of the Health Messenger category at The Restore Awards 2021. We at Unhurry interviewed her about her journey as a new mother and her message to new parents Here’s an engaging read of this interview!

Q. What prompted you to begin your journey?

AS: My own experiences.

I struggled a lot with my baby’s sleep because there is no information provided to new parents. I felt really lost in the trenches of motherhood.

AS: One afternoon, while rocking my then three-month-old to sleep, I felt the loneliest I have ever felt. She couldn’t stop crying and I couldn’t understand why. I think that was the day my journey as a baby sleep consultant began. I didn’t want anyone else to feel what I was feeling and I made it my mission to learn everything I can about infant sleep. And I applied everything to my child and our lives changed. We had a well-rested and happy child and I started educating more parents for free. 

Q. When you began, were there other people like you struggling in the same space? If yes, what would your message be to them?

AS: Everybody was struggling and everybody felt lost. My message to every new parent would be to read up, learn and educate themselves so we are equipped with the right knowledge. Applied knowledge is truly powerful. And to trust their instincts with their baby. 

Q. What are the three top things you have learned in this journey? 

AS: My top 3 learnings in the process of understanding Baby sleep and working on my own mental health and subsequently supporting new moms, postpartum would be:

1. To put my emotional health first, only a happy mother can raise a happy child.

2. To stop comparing my child or my journey with someone else’s because comparison is truly the thief of joy.

3. To trust that I am the best parent my child can have and focus on what my child needs instead of focussing on what I think she does.

Q. If you were to look back at your earlier self, what would be one piece of advice/message you would give to yourself? 

AS: That it gets better, I’ll figure out everything as I grow with my child. I wish I could give the new Mom-me some grace and kindness

Q. What was your reaction when you were told that you were winning The Restore trophy out of 1118 nominations? 

AS: I was ecstatic. Winning any award is wonderful as that means my work is getting noticed. But the gravity of my work and what I do only truly sunk in when I was amongst all the change-makers at the event. It was a great motivation to keep working for maternal mental health. The Restore Awards truly recognized people like me whose work otherwise gets unnoticed 

Q. What are your plans for 2022? 

AS: My plan for 2022 is to expand my work and take the message of baby sleep and mental health to as many people as possible.

I am also working on tie-ups with hospitals so we can start classes for expectant parents right in the hospital so that they feel well prepared when the baby arrives. Fingers crossed for that

Q. Give one message to the readers of this platform that will inspire them to stay strong and positive

AS: Well, in order to stay strong and be positive, we need to prioritize our emotional well-being. Never forget to fill your cup. That is what will keep you inspired to move ahead. 

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