This Miracle Tree Has 90 Nutrients

Daivik means Gift of God and Moringa is a ‘Miracle Tree’ gifted by Nature to Humanity. The name was conceptualised by Devika Bajaj, Founder- Daivik Moringa in April 2019 as she truly believes in the Healing Power of Nature.

In 2018, Devika was battling with the issues of being overweight, lacking D3 and B12 and vital vitamins after the birth of her second child. As a mother of two kids and specially a breastfeeding mother, she did not want to consume synthetic supplements and was looking for organic, natural and plant based supplements that have no side effects of constipation or acne or anything else. In that crucial time, she came across Moringa as a plant that could compensate for vitamin deficiencies and she was amazed to see that not only did moringa help her in losing weight and overcoming vitamin deficiencies that she had, it also boosted lactation and she also saw a tremendous improvement in her eye power in a matter of 6 months. It was these results that propelled her to give birth to her second baby, Daivik Moringa.

Moringa contains 90 nutrients, 46 antioxidants, proteins and 36 anti-inflammatory agents. Moringa is a powerful antioxidant which prevents formation of free radicals.

Free radicals cause inflammation and all the life threatening diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases etc. Inflammation that does not go down in human body causes decrease in immunity. And Moringa is now studied by science and medicine for its immune boosting properties. Gradually Daivik Moringa set up an entire product line of Moringa based Health and skincare products with a vision to promote awareness on use of chemical free and non-synthetic products while targeting the holistic health of an individual from inside out.

Daivik Moringa Products have successfully helped in managing Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Arthritis, Post Covid fatigue, Boosted Lactation, Compensated for Iron, Calcium and Vitamin deficiencies, Hormonal Imbalances, Weight Management, Hair fall issues, Premature greying of hair, Skin issues like Eczema, dermatitis, allergic rashes, acne, stretch marks, wound scars etc. to name a few.

The Product range consists of both edibles that act as nutritional supplements and help in achieving overall balanced health as well as skin care and hair care products such as Moringa powder, Moringa cold pressed seed oil, Moringa leaves infusion, Aloemoringa gel, Moringa skin elixir, Moringa Hair Cleanser, Moringa Hair Conditioner, Moringa Capsules and a variety of artisan Moringa Soaps.

However to speak of 4 Flagship products, they will focus on Aloemoringa Gel, Moringa Capsules/Powder , Moringa cold pressed seed oil and Moringa Skin Elixir.

Their loyal customer base has been their strongest support and their testimonials have been the biggest source of motivation for them in continuing its research and development and bringing about a healthy change in the society through organic and chemical free products.

Being a start up, funds are limited and Covid made it more difficult. But they because zeal to get these therapeutic products to her loyal and new customers to impacted health spearheaded her into expanding her business despite the circumstances. Today, with just a click of your mouse, you can buy these products and experience better health.

Where can people buy your products People can buy their products from their Website or contact them personally on +91 8767964503 or on social media handles Instagram, Linkedin. Their products are also available on Amazon, Flipkart and other Organic and sustainable platforms like YouCareLifestyle, AmalaEarth, BrownLiving etc.

Experience the magic of natural healing through the products of Daivik Moringa.

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