The month of love is here. Time to celebrate, pamper and spread love but I got a question before the preps of Amazon’ing or Pintrest’ing.

Who is your most favorite person? Okay, what if I say that one person is the same person for everyone? No, No I didn’t mean the star who extends both hands and tilts the knees, and all of India goes awww!

“The answer is YOU! You are your most favorite person. I hear some of you going, nope I don’t fall for this. I don’t like myself much.”

We were all told to be sacrificing and selfless. Don’t we come from the land of buddha? Shouldn’t we retrospect coming to a conclusion?

What is self-love?

Dictionary says “proper regard for and attention to one’s own happiness or well-being.” Okay being happy and looking out for your own well-being doesn’t seem like being selfish.

Okay, what if I say self-love is not selfish but a need? Abraham Harold Maslow, an American psychologist, created Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a theory of psychological health. It gives us a fair idea of how our motivation moves.

One of the needs he highlights is Esteem needs. Esteem is all about admiration and respect for oneself and others. It is equally important for children and adults to have higher levels of esteem as it shapes our lives, character, and relationships.

What do I mean? All esteemed people will need time to make one-self happy or give space for dear and near ones to do their self-love.

This month is going to be the month of celebrating you because you deserve it. The month of SELF-LOVE.

Right! Should we fill our cart now? Our wallets are crying anyway.

What if I tell you, you can spend almost zero rupees for your self-love indulgence with nature. Right! but My ideas are too crazy to be handled by anyone?

What if I tell mother nature judges you 0% and you can come back recharged.

This month I will be giving you all ideas of self-love indulgences with nature for adults and children and of course, Nature walk with Sai doesn’t end without funny anecdotes.

Sai Devi

Educator and Founder of Thicket Tales which capacitates children and families to explore and learn from their surroundings through games, experiments and projects.

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