Welcome back! Are you ready to dive into the experiences Mother Earth crafts? In my last post we saw how nature paves way for beautiful memories together. Here is another impactful funny story about a grandson and his matriarch granny.

In one of our modules a group of kids from a school were interacting with an urban wildlife rescuer and rehabilitator Yashas. The topic was snakes and we were discussing venom, habits and habitats.

Next week I called up the founder of the school for further discussions and his anecdote is one of our favourites.

As the pandemic prevailed, kids were in their native villages. One of our kid’s grandmother spotted a snake in their backyard and was ready to kill it. As she was searching for it and little boy declared that rat snakes eat lots of rats and they are actually helping us and they are not venomous.

Boy: “Why worry?

Granny: “How can you be sure that it is a rat snake till we haven’t had a good look?”

Boy: “Exactly why worry when we don’t know what snake that was? The snake is not inside our house or veranda.”

The entire family didn’t bat an eye until the matriarch laughed and hugged him.

The moral of the story wasn’t just that the snake was saved. Sure, but it goes beyond that. Granny was always strong willed and other family members had high respect for her and lived far away in cities and visited her on holidays. The pandemic had had a different turn in their lives. 3 generations were sharing a roof together.

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If a snake could lead to more dinner table conversions, hugs laughter. What more do we need for family bonds? It also reminded them of the futility of worrying about an event that they have no knowledge of.

I am sure you are convinced that nature mommy has positive impacts in lives.I can read your mind thinking,

“All is well Sai, where can we as a family start bonding over nature? We don’t know scientific names and we aren’t wildlife experts.”

Nature never gives prerequisites. Next week I will be giving a few simple yet super fun activities you can indulge in.

Sai Devi

Educator and Founder of Thicket Tales which capacitates children and families to explore and learn from their surroundings through games, experiments and projects.

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