I design nature immersion programs through my Start-up called @thicket_tales. In my last post A DINNER WITH GRANNY we saw how nature paves way for beautiful memories together. Here are a few simple yet super fun activities you can indulge in as a family. 

“India is blessed with rich biodiversity no matter where you hail from, Busiest Bangalore to Merrier Mumbai has numerous parks, shores, and lakes for your family adventures.”

Hop on with us to make memories, discoveries, and giggles together.

Every week you can choose a spot and huddle together as a family to be engulfed in the world of nature. You don’t need any fancy materials or a place to start. Your backyard is a great point.

Things to carry: Note pads, pens, and loads of hugs.

Place: Choose any green space next to your house, one that’s comfortable for your family to sit down.

Kindly note: Don’t touch or disturb any of the living beings in your spot.

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I am giving activities for sit spot explorations.

A sit spot is simply sitting in a favorite place in nature that you visit regularly to cultivate awareness as you expand your senses and study patterns of local plants, birds, trees, animals, etc. The practice supports mindfulness, builds a routine, and increases focus.

Articulate the Artist: Sketching from nature can be a highly therapeutic and fun activity to improve observational skills.

What to do: Each family member can choose a subject from nature, be it a landscape, insect, or parts of plants. Observe them closely for intricacies. Sketch them and add Field notes (Describe your observation)

Poets of the call: Time to sharpen your ears and weave songs from songs of birds. This activity is preferable during Morning or evening hours when there are loads of bird activities.

What to do:

  • Listen to various bird calls for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Vocalize them, imitate them and try converting calls into words and write them all down.
  • For example The loud, repetitive ‘coo-ee’ of koel could be COME COME!
  • Now with all words collected and weave them into one family song.
  • These simple activities can help you greatly in mindfulness and appreciate your backyard.
  • Meet you all over next series of stories over “nature walk with sai”

Sai Devi

Educator and Founder of Thicket Tales which capacitates children and families to explore and learn from their surroundings through games, experiments and projects.

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