Welcome to my world, where we learn and unlearn through nature. Last week, we discussed how nature has a positive impact on family bonds. People ask, “why, what and how?” Today, I am taking you on a story about one of our participants to show how nature created a beautiful bond between a busy mother and curious child.

A busy Monday morning. The Mother hurries for her office meeting and mentally makes note of all the tasks on her “to-do list” and also wonders if things are okay at home. Just as she takes her laptop plugged to the power socket she sees a black butterfly on her windowsill.

Mother: “Wow isn’t this the one we spotted yesterday?”

She then clicks a picture and leaves for the conference room. As the evening approaches, she is excited to show the picture to her son.

Mother : Look who I met today?

Her son is was equally elated to see a butterfly picture

Son: This is common mor (a Tamil term for buttermilk)

Mother : hahaha Mor it seems, should we drink the butterfly.

Son : Ma that’s a very lame joke and let’s find out who it was?

They both search the guide book for the butterfly and the name happens to be “Common Mormon”

Mother : Did you sleep halfway yesterday while observing? Common Mor it seems

Son : Sai ma’am said names are not important and observation is the key and at least I remembered half the name.

Mother : True my super hero. Let me go make Mor kulambu for dinner (gravy made from buttermilk)

Son : URGH!

That was the start of their journey.

They started giving cute names to insects, flowers, have loads of inside jokes and pulled each other’s legs.

As I said, the names didn’t matter. For a busy mother who misses her son, moments like these are precious.

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They were one of the families who attended a program with @thicket_tales. Children were observing insects to learn science and mothers were tagging along. Nature always paves way for beautiful memories together.

Sai Devi

Educator and Founder of Thicket Tales which capacitates children and families to explore and learn from their surroundings through games, experiments and projects.

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