Dear Me,

Life at times can be difficult, stressful, unexpected, chaotic, and hard. And in those times it’s okay to not be okay. But it’s also important to know that to get better you have to accept how you’re feeling and be okay to talk about it.

Therapy for the body, mind, and soul is something everyone could need from time to time. Be in allowance of that, so your soul can be free, your mind can be relaxed and your body can be rejuvenated.

Happiness is a journey, and it’s okay to have roadblocks along the way, we just have to keep going.

With love, Sara

The one thing I love about the Millennials is they have no hang-ups in standing up and seeking me-time, self-nurturing time, and self-love. This little note by Bollywood actor Sara Ali Khan to herself touched me. Sara’s note, shared on World Mental Health Day, showcases the importance she places on journaling, being kind to oneself, accepting our own ups and downs, and embracing the fact that we are not just body alone. We are connected – mind, body, soul.

Every single thought in our mind can create happy or sad emotions.

For example, if you love your chocolate, just the thought of a gooey dark chocolate cake in the refrigerator is going to make you salivate and release hunger hormones in your stomach. Similarly, nervousness about an interview or an audition is going to release digestive acids in your stomach which can cause bloating, constipation or other stomach discomforts. Remember: it was a thought that produced physical and very real reactions felt by your body. This is the simplest evidence of the mind-body connect.

We often talk to others, we often look at therapy if we are feeling overwhelmed. But we never stop to have a conversation with ourselves. Some of our deepest healing takes place when we start to observe ourselves and notice our highs, our lows and start introspecting and understanding who we truly are. This inward journey is the best one for healing ourselves. Make yourself your own muse and you will rediscover yourself, find yourself.

Getting to know yourself is an equal part of positive mental health as are other aspects of self-pampering, self-nurturing, and talking to a therapist.

So the next time you feel low, spend time with yourself, get to know yourself, enjoy the company of self. Do tasks for you – take a relaxing hot water shower, read an insightful or happy book, watch an uplifting show. Not with people, not in a group, just with you. The manner in which you will absorb these emotionally will be at a very different paradigm than when you are doing the same tasks with other people around. Because when you are alone, your energy and your aura is protecting you and helping you emit positivity. And it is this positivity – of when you have conversations with yourself – that helps you heal and have a higher quality of life.

Go, find yourself.

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