10 things we wish school had taught us

Schools are a gateway to the outside world. It is here that we learn to write, read, and speak.

So, when I look back on what my schools taught me, I find that I knew all I needed to attain a degree. I wish I could choose what I wanted to learn. Here I have penned down a list of 10 things I wish my school had taught me.

1.    How to Deal with Despair and Nervousness: I wish I knew ways to deal with overwhelming emotions. I hope someone had told me that it is some chemical reaction happening in your brain and that it happens to all at some point or the other.

2.    How to Recognise my Feelings: I wish I could recognize my feelings. I wish I knew good grades are not everything in life. I was lost when my scores were not up-to-the-mark. I did not think I was depressed. I had no idea about self-assessment.

3.    How to Handle Panic Attacks: Nobody talked about mindfulness during my school days. I wish I could handle panic attacks and anxiety spells better.

4.    Not to Ignore Pain: Nobody told me that injury or discomfort while exercising or after intense play meant my body had reached its limits.

5.    How to Handle Money: When I was young, I had no idea how to manage groceries, energy bills, and deposits. Looking back now, I feel I wasted a lot of money as I started earning. I wish my school had taught me the importance of saving and keeping a budget.

6.    How to Differentiate between Facts and Truths: All I remember, in the science classes, we were taught what science says. I remember memorizing figures and facts. I wish I knew about peer review, control groups, replication, etc.

7.    What are my Other Options If I am not Going to the University: I Wish I had information about other different streams of education and jobs in the market? Looking back, I see I wasted so many years trying to figure out my options.

8.    Self-Defence: Everybody is entitled to it. I wish I knew about the basics of self-protection and how we can defend ourselves in case of an assault.


9.    My Basic Right: I wish I knew my fundamental rights. In other words, I was not confident when I should voice my opinions. I did not understand that every child has the right to be protected against ill traditional practices, neglect, violence, abuse, or exploitation.  

10. Relationships: This includes elements like cultural diversity, networking skills, healthy relationships, co-workers, family planning, and friends.

So, to summarize, I wish the school’s curriculum had also included classes on moral values and good citizenry. Rather than spending those sleepless nights memorizing formulas and terms, these things would have been more sanity and life-saving.

Moumita Bose

A lifestyle content writer, Moumita loves travelling and visiting new countries. Originally from Kolkata, Moumita now lives in the Netherlands.

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