A friend to many and a foe to a few.

What are we to think?

It makes us happy, It makes us sad.

Fingers move at a speed of light

Pouring our feelings with great might!

It’s a crazy world.

The world of many

All wanting a connect

Some in a superficial way, Some deeper

A connect for sure!

Let’s go deep

What is it we are seeking through this tech support?

A feeling of fullness in the vacuum of our heart.

Strange, that we seek technology to be human again

Forgotten are the days of pure fun

Of play and talk and eating galore

Of spontaneity and fuss, real feelings of furore

Of happiness and joy to share with friends

To cry and talk about feelings within

To meet and greet and feel complete

Those were the days my friend!

Let’s sip coffee and ponder “Lets make an effort to connect..”

Neha Bali

Neha is a Practitioner of energy healing modalities like Thetahealing, E.F.T., Mindfulness, Meditation, and Family constellation. She has 20+ years of experience in holistic healing.

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