Sunita Mohanty is Director at Google Singapore and is leading the APAC People Consultant teams in Google’s People Operations organization.

In addition to her current role, Sunita has worked closely with State and Central governments in India in creating a connected, digitized, and sustainable ecosystem in the State. She also leads community outreach activities to create awareness around online safety, data privacy, and women empowerment across India.

With more than 20 years of leadership experience in technology and innovation and is a believer in ‘Lift As You Climb’. She is an active community advocate for “Women who code” and “Women Techmakers”, and dedicates a significant amount of her time to mentoring. We at Unhurry interviewed her about her view on prioritizing health and living a balanced quality of life. 

Q. As a business leader, what is your personal view on preventive health?

SM: In today’s world lifestyle diseases are a function of our bad food habits, stress, and lack of sleep, many of which are a manifestation of our work life.

To have a happy and engaged employee, and to manage talent it’s important that we take responsibility for the health and wellness of our teams and support them in every way to enable them to have a productive work-life balance and stay healthy.

Q. How do you ensure that you have time for yourself, healthy habits, and exercise? 

SM: Clear demarcation of work and life, adequate time carved out for family, exercise, and hobbies to enable us to destress. Reduce processed food/alcohol and bring back old healthy habits of cooking and eating fresh and balanced meals. Sleeping on time, and waking up early to balance our circadian rhythm. 

Q. Have you overcome a personal health crisis yourself? If yes, how would you describe it to inspire others?

SM: I had severe digestive issues as a function of antibiotics overuse (post-surgery care) and stress-induced at work. It took a strict regimen of exercise, pranayama,  balancing foods and micronutrients that helped me overcome the same without the need for further medication or any intrusive medical methods. Rachna helped me with that journey and rebuilt my faith in integrated medicine and nutrition. It all comes back finally to understanding nutrition, its impact on the body, and the damage of processed food like instant noodles and processed meat on our body.

Q. What prompted you to accept being a Jury Member for The Restore Awards?

SM: Rachna has been a huge influence in life, in how she restored my faith in integrated medicine. I also believe we enhance our own power by being the voice of something we have learned the hard way and inspiring others to start the journey early.

Life doesn’t have to give us a nudge each time to start making “ourselves” a priority

Q. What is the one healthy secret lifestyle hack that you will share which has always worked for you?

SM: Pranayama daily

Q. What does sustainable living mean for you personally?

SM: Living in harmony with nature – reducing toxicity in our body and in the environment, reducing waste, and recycling. Healthy eating-Fruits and veggies, eating local and seasonal, reducing consumption of packaged food, eating whole grains, and reducing meat consumption!

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