Validation Helps People Stay Positive

June 10, 2023; Unhurry Expert Research Team Telling a distressed friend or family member something as simple as ‘I understand why you feel that way’ can go a long way toward helping loved ones feel better, new research suggests. The power of validation helps people stay positive. Participants in the study were asked to explain … Read more

Recurring Stress Can Trigger Insulin Resistance And Weight Gain

May 26, 2023; Unhurry Expert Research Team Recurring stress can trigger insulin resistance, hypertension, and abdominal fat deposition; glucose elevation is the cause of this illness. Stress is the ability of humans to fight or flee when faced with problems affecting the individual. By changes in the organism, adaptation to various physical conditions is achieved: … Read more

As A Teacher I See Kids Feeling Low, How Can I Help Them?

As teachers, parents or guardians of young minds, it is up to us to pick up on children’s low moods. Observing a child’s behaviour and taking the right steps at the right time can prevent and protect a child from mental distress. Kavita Upadhyay, student counselor and expert mental health practitioner advises on the best approach to take when dealing with low moods in children.

Ask Me: My Teenage Daughter Is Very Aggressive And Uses Abusive Language, What Do I Do?

Teenagers have a tendency of engaging in risky behavior and act in an impulsive manner without being bothered of the outcome or consequences.

My Spouse Is In A Relationship With Another Woman, What Should I Do?

Infidelity in relationships is a form of psychological violence. The number of cases are also on the rise. Whether a man or a woman is involved in extra-marital relations, children suffer the most as they are left in a state of confusion.

16 Ways You Can Help Your Child With Down’s Syndrome

Despite their problems, children with Down Syndrome are usually able to learn self- help skills that enable them to be assistance in a family or institutional setting.


Every family has their stresses and challenges to deal with, but when you have a child with Down syndrome, things look a little different. That makes it even more important to accept help, and to pay attention to your own needs.

ASK ME: My sibling is in an emotionally abusive marriage. Will any attempt to save this marriage be successful?

When spouses quarrel and get physically abusive on their wives, women blame themselves or fear the social stigma. They may also be worried about their children and due to this do not act against this abuse. A women needs to look out for the factors mentioned in the article and work on them. Familial support and being empowered by other female family members can be helpful in the zero tolerance attitude towards these abusive behaviours of their spouse.

I have a more comfortable relationship with women but my parents forced me to get married to a man.

“Sexual orientation and gender identity are integral aspects of our personality and should not be a reason leading to either discrimination or guilt.”