Ask Me: Unmute Yourself

Q. I often feel low, so consulted my physician according to her everything is fine with me, but I need to undergo some counselling sessions to feel better. But if no medicine can treat me how can counselling? What does counselling do and how does it work? Will it be of use to me?

KU: Every time medicines cannot rescue you from the feeling of loneliness, feeling low, feeling stressed or being in a mood which is hampering your relations with others and making you feel choked and affecting your daily life. What is required is a few sessions of counselling, which helps you to speak to a professional about your feelings and how they are hampering your everyday life.

“Counselling has more to do with your individual approach and attitude towards others.”

So, your visit of yours to a counsellor will help you to explore and resolve difficulties you experience, clarify conflicting issues and help you to discover alternative ways to manage situations. In short, counselling will help you help yourself and equip you for situations in life.

Since you have not specified what makes you feel low, it is the task of the professional counsellor to decipher it for you and help you understand and also come out of the situation. What is bottled up gets an outlet, and thus cleans the system like a choked drainpipe being cleansed.

This process of catharsis is only possible when you go for these counselling sessions.

“Whatever you are divulging to the counsellor, 100% confidentiality is maintained.”

As a client gets relieved from the pain, stress and uneasiness the sessions may gradually close voluntarily or when required.

The process of counselling involves a relationship which is based on unconditional positive self-regard and empathy. The process empowers you, and you feel comfortable, relaxed, happy and well equipped to take up any life situation. So what does the counsellor do? The counsellor puts you through sessions where you are exposed to realities in a more logical way and you learn to analyze the situation and face it. Few things which are prominently seen:

  1. Self-awareness- your ability to understand yourself is enhanced
  2. Catharsis-  releasing  your strong repressed emotions
  3. Puts you through the right physical, and mental health practices such as Yoga, Music, Breathing exercises, thinking techniques, attitude and perception. 
  4. Sets realistic, measurable, positive, controllable, achievable goals
  5. Rationalise situations  
  6. Being Positive in your approach to life and its demands

So do visit the counsellor as suggested by your doctor, you will be HAPPY, COMFORTABLE and RELAXED 

Kavita Upadhyay

Student counsellor and has expertise in teaching psychology, career counselling, stress management and gender issues. Kavita is also an expert practitioner in marital counselling, life skills, interaction with the community, research and tool construction. You can follow her work here.

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