Music therapy’s role in alleviating pain and anxiety in seniors

May 18, 2023; Unhurry Expert Research Team

Music therapy can enhance older people’s quality of life by easing pain, anxiety and depression.

Music has a good impact on well-being by promoting enjoyment, social engagement, enhanced memory, and social inclusion, according to a literature review of the articles on anxiety and its use as therapy for persons over 65.

According to an article published in Mental Health Practice, the practices can be easily and effectively used as therapeutic nursing interventions.

Music helps reduce anxiety and disorientation

When administered in therapeutic settings, it improves the quality of life for dementia patients by lowering their anxiety and disorientation as well as having positive psychological and physiological effects.

The review’s author claims that because music and singing are generally accessible, affordable, and uncontroversial, with few ethical, legal, or cultural considerations, it is simple to include them in nursing practice.

Mindfulness therapies can treat mental health issues- Study

May 17, 2023; Unhurry Expert Research Team In This Article According to a group of researchers, mindfulness programs can improve mental well-being and decrease stress,


Listening to music is an evidence-based nursing intervention

She concludes: ‘Listening to music and/or singing represents a safe, evidence-based nursing intervention, and staff should be encouraged to study and use it.’

Further research into the use of music and similar group activities for other client groups, diagnoses, and conditions, as well as the duration of positive effects, should also be conducted, she adds.

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Karen Eells. The use of music and singing to help manage anxiety in older adults. Mental Health Practice, 2014; 17 (5): 10 DOI: 10.7748/mhp2014.

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