I Figured The Importance Of Spending Time With Myself

When spending time with myself, I often hear myself saying, ” I am too busy to find time alone?” However, I discovered if I spend some time for myself, I benefit more than wasting time. In fact, the busier I am, the more I benefit from quiet time.

Solitude should not be mistaken for loneliness and should be taken in a positive spirit.

Here I have shared why it had become more and more essential for me to have some time for myself.


I noticed we tend to develop a “We” feeling when belonging to a group. When I started spending time with myself, I felt it was easier to be more compassionate towards those who did not fit into my “inner circle”.

I Became More Productive:

Yes, I was more confused, and my productivity was going down when I am constantly surrounded by a group of people. A little privacy went a long way in increasing my productivity.

Enhanced Creativity:

I could wander and experiment more with my thoughts when I started spending time alone. Maybe this is why authors or creative geniuses love to spend alone to flourish their creativity.

Consolidated my Mental Strength:

Social connections are irreplaceable considering the fact that we are social animals. However, solitude is equally important. In fact, I saw a marked improvement in my stress management abilities and experienced better satisfaction, when I discovered myself alone.

Benefits Kids:

Kids who spend time with themselves behave better. In fact, teaching them solidarity skills from the early years is a good way to help them discover themselves better.

Make Better Plans Ahead:

We plan and life tends to take its own course. When I started spending time alone, I could evaluate if all the plannings, and hustles, bustles were at all worth spending time on. I could set clear goals, make positive signs of progress, and make necessary changes when I started spending time alone.

I Rediscovered Myself:

When I am comfortable in my skin and free from external influences, I develop a better insight into the kind of person I am.

So, please do find some time alone for yourself and it means drawing away from gadgets too. Switch off the screens and focus on the moment. It may feel weird in the beginning, but soon you will meet a new version of yourself during this quiet time.

Moumita Bose

A lifestyle content writer, Moumita loves travelling and visiting new countries. Originally from Kolkata, Moumita now lives in the Netherlands.

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