5 Ways Plants Can Improve Your Mental Health

I remember those tumulus times of COVID when I loved to see green shiny leaves on my shelves. I actually began talking to my plants during those months of social isolation. For some, gardening is a hobby, but the benefits go beyond that.


In these times of working from home, the green plants are proven to boost concentration, improve idea generation and enhance problem solving skills.

  • Some air purifying plants like Spider plants, Peace Lily, Pothos and Rubber plant enriches the indoor environment. Plants offer a sense of coziness, relaxation and comfort. Indoor air that is not clean can lead to headaches, throat irritation and dizziness. Gorgeous indoor plants can remove high traces of benzene from air and you get more productive.
  • Dr Janelle Louis suggests, the smell, touch, activities like pruning, repotting and watering elevates stress levels. The effects are same like you spend time in a forest. For positive mental health it is suggested you move around grassy fields, local parks or areas dotted with plants.
  • Caring for plants create a sense of accomplishment. Horticulture therapy programs show gardening help develop confidence, increase positive stimuli in brain and soothe excited nerves. As a result, you have a better headspace.
  • Home grown vegetables are very appealing and also tastes better. Children can be involved in gardening vegetables like cherry tomatoes or carrots. Healthy eating is a wonderful way to promote better mental health.

If you are a beginner, it is suggested you go for the easy-to-take care ones. Some of them are:

  1. Snake plants are almost difficult to kill. These easy to maintain plants elevate energy and promotes good sleep.
  2. Aloe vera plant is an excellent healer when it comes to skin ailments and wounds.
  3. Basil plant reduces stress level and high blood pressure.
  4. Lavender has excellent anxiety and stress relieving properties.
  5. Chinese Evergreen plant releases O2 and removes harmful indoor toxins.

As social beings we certainly lean on our family and peers for companionship, but it is always nice to have something that is not expecting a discussion or a give and take relation.

Talking to plants actually helps. You never feel pushed or judged, yet you can pour out all those crazy stuffs happening in your head.

Well, having said that, simply filling up your home with plants will not do the trick. You need to proactively work towards an improved life and mental health. Give yourself all the attention and care that you richly deserve.

Moumita Bose

A lifestyle content writer, Moumita loves travelling and visiting new countries. Originally from Kolkata, Moumita now lives in the Netherlands.

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