Typically, when do most of your “Eureka Moments” occur? I mean, moments of sudden discovery, inspiration, or insight…

For me, it’s mostly while taking a shower! That’s one more reason to come out of the shower energised, and, of course, to go in with some anticipation every time.

Last year, when I asked this question on social media, I received a wide range of responses from my friends. From very early morning to “just before going to bed”, and from “meditation” or “praying”, to “walking” or “reading”, one of them even echoed me and said, “many a stroke of inspiration has occurred in the shower. It helps to relax and broaden the mind in scope to allow connections to be made and patterns to be seen.”

Each one to their own, but these and such other occasions free us from the stress of busy schedules and let our minds wander freely. ”Peak Performance” Expert Steven Kotler calls it “non-time”. We are usually trapped in the (I have) “no” time syndrome because we have just too many things to do in a limited time.

“Non-time” is a quiet moment in which you can isolate yourself from the noise and demands of the world. In other words, you are making an appointment with yourself.

In the world of “no” time, often, we are just busy collecting dots. The “non-time”, on the other hand, helps you connect those dots in unexpected ways. You may come up with an original idea, or simply solve an old problem in a new way. If such a connection typically happens by chance, the “non-time” multiplies those chances.

Whoever thought ITC e-Choupal has anything to do with Physics? Curious? Read my old blogpost here.

So, how do you fit “non-time” into your busy schedule? Here’s my recipe:

I stumbled upon the shower as my ideal “non-time” slot, because, in the first instance, I didn’t need to cut time out from anything else. That’s the time I am also all by myself; not even my phone is with me to distract. The shower is one place I can disregard the surroundings and feel completely relaxed.  

Did you count five ingredients in there? Go find your “non-time”…

S. Sivakumar

Is a senior business leader at ITC Ltd. He could hide behind lack of time but has healed himself, lost 35 kg and walks the talk on making time for yourself to get healthy.


  1. Thanks for sharing the secret! Inspiring. It tempts us to allocate time for doing “nothing” every day!

    Wonderful to understand the magic behind the leverage of co-creating communities –


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