Equity Means I Get The Shoe That Fits

Mumbai, March 13: March is International Women’s Month. Yesterday, on March 13, RachnaRestores™️ organised a women’s conclave titled Equity, not Equality. Senior women leaders from different industry sectors participated as panelists, speakers and delegates. These included Dr Shilpa Vora, Chief R&D Officer, Marico, Kranti Gada, President, Shemaroo Entertainment, Dr Maneesha Gupta, Scientist, ISRO, Dr Baani Yadav, India’s fastest motor rallyist, Parull Gossain, Bollywood publicist, Dr Deepti Rosario, Gynaecologist, Pooja R Bhale, Spiritual Biologist and many more. The event was hosted by WeWork, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai.

The conclave brought to the forefront the true meaning of equity via equal opportunities at par with the uniqueness that women offer at their workplace, in their homes, relationships and businesses. “Equity begins at home,” shared Dr Baani. “My sons are grown up, and they take equal responsibility to look after the home including knowing how to clean and mop the house.” Equal responsibilities at home helps women break the glass ceiling and succeed in what they are doing. However, with the transgender community, there is still a huge gap. “All I will say is treat my community as human beings first and our gender later,” said Maya, a transwoman, Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Tweet Foundation. Tweet Foundation organised a job fair last week in New Delhi to encourage placements for transgenders and include them in workplaces.

“To grow in any organisation, you have to grab opportunities,” said Dr Shilpa Vora, Chief R&D Officer, Marico. “If you are waiting for things to happen, it’s not going to happen. You will have to raise your hand and say I will make it happen and go out of your way, and trust me, the world will make it happen.” The event was also joined by MD of GoDaddy, Nikhil Arora who said, “Equality is like giving everyone a shoe but Equity is giving everyone a shoe that fits.” 

Care was taken to serve healthy, organic food curated by The Village Shop which is run by Chef Jennifer Mallick, herself a rheumatoid arthritis patient who ensures high-quality servings despite her condition. The venue was engulfed with small posters of 35+ empowering quotes of women across history. Delegates from every part of the country participated in this event and there was a musical performance by Sunita Bhuyan, HR leader who does uses music for wellness and learning with corporates and chronic patients. “Such a powerful gathering of empowering women leaders raised the energy in the room,” said Rachna Chhachhi, Chairperson, RachnaRestores™️. “We raised the bar for each one of us, by helping each other. RachnaRestores™️ conducts many non-profit events for women, autoimmune patients, cancer patients and to raise awareness for mental health.

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