While we all rejoice in life inching back to normal post lockdown, this particular documentary made me feel like going back to working from home, cancelling my travel plans and being frugal in my existence.

The Year Earth Changed is a 2021 documentary about the global lockdown and its impact on nature, directed by Tom Beard, on Apple TV.

“It has the inimitable voice and wisdom of David Attenborough, who at 95, continues to amaze us with his insightful work on life on earth., which goes far beyond human beings.”

The short, 48 minutes documentary is a delight to watch. Every month that the lockdown prolonged, nature thrived. Whether it was animals around the city, in the wild, in forests, oceans or around nature parks, their behaviour towards lack of humans made them flourish. Endangered species suddenly began to multiply, the air around the world cleaned up and breathtaking views which were never visible due to the smog, were suddenly witnessed by humanity. For those of you who love nature and respect it for enriching us so much, this film captivates and fills our hearts with joy. If you have been feeling beat, stressed, low, this will uplift you with its soothing sights and a narrative full of hope.

A must watch for friends of animals and nature.

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