My hands, my self expression

Our hands express. They are the touch centres to signals to our brain. They feel. Sign language, expressing ourselves is all inconceivable without the gestures of our hands. To get up from the floor, we need to use the support of our hand. To open a bottle of water, we need to use our fingers. To open any door, we need to unlock it with our hands. Life without them is unimaginable. And yet, we use them roughly. The actions of self-care and self-expression are synonymous with mental health. Umpteen research and studies shows how self-care is cardinal to deal with mental health worries. Self care however has infinite definitions and meanings to different people. Some may like to listen to music, read a book. Some find cooking or baking therapeutic. For me it is self-care of my hands. The beautifully round and even height nails, the groomed look, and of course the different colours on my fingernails.

I had always been fascinated by different colors in little bottles that would instantly lighten up your mood. Painting my nails was my calming, therapeutic activity. Sitting by the window, with a cup of masala chai next to me, looking at the sea, the swaying green leaves, and painting my nails. It has been my therapeutic activity and little corner of me-time. Slowly, I began planning for this. I would enjoy collecting nail polishes and choosing the one to wear for the week. I would soak my hands and feet in a tub of warm water and bath salts, light a candle, pamper myself. Whether going into the salon for a manicure and pedicure or doing your nails at home, the act of caring for your nails and applying color is an act of self-care. Nail care offers a chance for relaxation and renewal of mind, body, and of course hands/feet and nails.

Taking care of my nails is like any other personal hygiene habit that I have. Of course, there is a whole lot of science behind it. The nails protect the distal phalanges, the bones at the tips of the fingers or toes, which makes up the tip of the finger and is important for adhesion of tissues that compose the fingertip. And we all know that our fingertips have sensory functions that are then relayed to the brain. The hot plate that singes the fingertips, the cool drink that soothes it and the touch of skin of another person’s body that gives us pleasure. So in totality, the nails, the fingertips, the hands represent all the emotional and mental health experiences we have.

Nail care as a form of self expression

And to look after my nails and hands makes me feel that I am in control of these experiences. Manicured nails give me a sense of being clean and organized. Our hands are visible to everyone all day, every day, making them worthy of a little extra time and attention. With simple steps, regular upkeep, you can easily have beautiful nails. We also look at our own hands all day, so there is something very rewarding in having well-maintained, beautiful nails. Beautifully groomed nails show that you enjoy taking care of yourself.

Applying color to nails can also give the wearer mood boosting benefits and evoke positive feelings associated with specific colors. Colors are transformational, it can change your mood and look. There is a color for when you want to feel happy, or sexy or powerful. The best part about it it is not permanent and affordable luxury and also one of my favorite ways to spice up my outfit for a special occasion, that lifts my mood up. So when your hands can help you feel and experience so much, why not pamper them with the colour of your mood?

Here are five nail trends that we at Unhurry® love:

  1. The classic nude – this is the perfect nail color for all seasons and if you’re someone who likes to keep it simple and elegant this is the right choice for you.
  2. The French tip – this nail trends never gets old. It’s the perfect nail staple that goes well with every occasion and every outfit.
  3. Red – this is my personal favorite and there’s nothing like a bright red nail paint to make me feel powerful and happy.
  4. Pink –  You can never go wrong with a shade of pink on your nails, if your style is simple but also with a hint of color for the season, your pick of any shade of pink is your go to This is the Unhurry team’s best kept secret (click the link)
  5. Bright summer sorbet colors – As the summer approaches, sorbets are not just for us to enjoy but can also be the perfect inspiration for your summer holiday nails.

Find your little corner, find that small bucket where you can soak your hands in and the colour that brightens up your nail. And then experience the almost meditative strokes when you apply the colour to the nails and watch your hands come alive with vibrancy.

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