I Healed From Autoimmune Without Medications, Join Me

The pain we feel is real
The world may not believe
But we’re here for each other
So that we can find some relief

I am Palak Bhalla Ahuja, an Autoimmune warrior, and I have walked through this journey of healing myself as well as side-effects of methotrexate, with the help of nutrition and yoga.

I had psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and was bedridden with my disease. With both parents as doctors, holistic nutrition was dismissed, and methotrexate was started. However, my delicate gut and immune system could not tolerate this chemotherapy drug. So I fought with my family and followed the autoimmune nutrition protocol that Rachna Chhachhi had instituted after she healed herself from extremely severe rheumatoid arthritis and began her practice in 2008.

There are over 100 autoimmune conditions. Apart from the actual symptoms of the disease, every warrior goes through chronic fatigue, brain fog, extreme pain, side-effects of medications, anxiety, depression and multiple other experiences on a daily basis, leaving them exhausted and defeated.

Unfortunately, medical science has no cure for autoimmune diseases. Healing from autoimmune isn’t as difficult as anyone has made you believe.

Travelling has always been my passion, and my autoimmune condition did not stop me from following my passion.

Palak Bhalla Ahuja, Psoriatic Arthritis Warrior

Being a mom with chronic illness means you may face some unique parenting challenges. You might have to create ways to entertain your children from bed or teach them how to do their own chores from an early age, or balance your doctor appointments with their after school activities. It can be an isolating experience, as you feel surrounded by moms who seem to “do it all” while you’re coping with often hidden challenges of your health condition. Its very important for all of us to cut off physically and mentally, from our daily routine. But for us, self-care is important.
Don’t let society pressurize you. Your kids will understand. When pain comes into your lives to help us understand the true reason we exist, let us tell the pain that we have learnt our lessons – that it is time for the pain to leave. This pain is an unwanted guest.

Once I healed, I began The Autoimmune Community ™️ a non-profit support group to help autoimmune warriors find a better way to live a higher quality of life, as part of RachnaRestores™️ in May 2021.

It is a community by warriors, for warriors and helps you deal with chronic fatigue, pain, flareups, brain fog and so many other multi-dimensional symptoms that are snatching your quality of life away.

Today, The Autoimmune Community ™️ conducts quarterly support group sessions where warriors meet specialists and other warriors. Our next meet is happening on Saturday, February 11, 2023.

It is our way of expressing our love during the time of Valentine’s. It’s never all serious, there are fun activities, giveaways and music therapy. If you are a warrior or a caregiver, please do join our community, fill up the form on the link below and be part of the autoimmune
community meet this Saturday in Mumbai or via zoom. Click the link below:

Yes, I want to attend the autoimmune community meet on February 11, 2023.

We’re waiting for you.

Palak Bhalla Ahuja

Partner, Unhurry

Palak suffered from psoriatic arthritis and rebuilt herself via holistic healing and nutritional changes in her lifestyle. She is a certified Holistic Health Coach and counsels patients with autoimmune conditions to come out of their pain and fatigue and become healthier without the support of toxic medications. Additionally, she’s also a certified Reiki Practitioner.

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