The Struggles Of Women With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

What is the common thing that comes to mind when you visualize someone with ADHD? A fidgety young boy who struggles to sit in one place? It can also be a woman in her 30s who is slightly messy or demands complete perfection. Yes, even women struggle with ADHD, each of which has unique challenges and symptoms. Here we shall help you figure out or identify some hidden challenges.

Inattentiveness is very common among women. In some cases, it is also a combination of hyperactivity and inattentiveness. 

Some women show the tendency to let their problems pile up. As a result, anxiety, and chaos take over their daily lives. Coping strategies and correct medication are the keys to coping with such tendencies. Women who fall behind in their responsibilities often tend to suffer from extreme guilt. Unfortunately, our society throws huge expectations towards women, making things worse. Our social structure expects women to remember every detail. Be it the groceries or walking the dog, face the growing teens’ overwhelming everyday reactions. And if they fail to do those, they are indeed failing as a woman.

How are Hormones and ADHD Symptoms Connected:

Now that we understand how it feels to live with ADHD, let us look into the medical aspect of it. Estrogen levels drop in menopausal women, which intensifies ADHD symptoms. Menopause and factors related to age affect sleep, and concentration worsens. Also, complaints like confusion and memory loss tend to make cases more critical.

Importance of Diagnosis for Women with ADHD:

If left undiagnosed psychological distress increases. Delayed check-ups result in poor self-esteem or lack of self-care. In the long run, this leads to unhealthy eating patterns, heightened impulsiveness, and inattentiveness. Those under stress for a long may have to resort to prescribed medications to tackle mood disorders, pain, and anxiety. In worst-case scenarios, those neglecting medical help might resort to drugs or alcohol. Women might start distancing themselves from friends and family to hide their despair. Some might end up enduring physical or emotional abuse from their partners, believing their unworthiness. Feelings of hopelessness and impulsivity can increase the chances of self-harm.

In life, we all tend to adjust our sails with the direction of the wind. Those with ADHD, unfortunately, cannot alter their brain wiring. However, reframing experiences to look through a different lens is essential. Everyone is unique, and one must embrace their aptitudes and strengths. It is necessary to set up new responsibilities based on self-acceptance. It is crucial to look for environments that are ADHD-friendly to function better. Proper diagnosis is the first step towards reviving self-confidence and a brighter future.

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