Our inspiring awards nominee Pooja R. Bhale has been nominated under the category Dignity for Planet Earth – Organisation/ Individual for her inspiring work as a conservation biologist, conscious living coach and a spiritual ecologist.

Having worked successfully as a Wildlife Conservationist and as an activist, Pooja realized the fact that we humans hurt the planet so much because we hurt ourselves deep within. This made her bring focus to home within – to build empathy and compassion within and create a space of wonder for nature.Keeping love as a focus in a space without fear, her strife to continue work with sincerity, compassion and kindness has birthed the idea of Protecterra Ecological Foundation and The Farm. Protecterra Ecological Foundation is non- profit initiative working towards raising the bar of awareness about her connection to Mother Earth. The Farm is its flagship project which reconnects people to the planet through love, awareness and education.

As a founder and director, Pooja leads and directs workshops, corporate projects and a multitude of initiatives based on the core idea of sustainability, compassion and sensitization as a part of the organization. She has learned Reiki, Pranic Healing and Telepathic animal communication. Her dream is to practice Kindness in every act of hers based on the teachings of His holiness Dalai Lama.

The mission and vision behind her amazing work is to help people reconnect with the Earth and nature, in ways they did perhaps only as children, she seeks to provide a deep sense of well-being, personal satisfaction and a feeling of communion with the world around us. Her goal is to inspire the current and next generation of thought leaders by helping them discover their inner potential, bringing them closer to answering the question that nibbles at their conscience: How can I be a part of the change? An award like this would be a huge impetus to her work and allow for visibility across platforms. It would also facilitate the ability for new partnerships and collaborations.The nature of her work is atypical. It is a non tangible body of work in the usually accepted systems of measurable outcomes and a recognition such as The Restore Awards™️ would help her to be more seen as work of necessity and urgency.

For the last 14 years, RachnaRestores™️ (About us) has been working in the areas of clinical evidence reversal from chronic conditions across 27 countries. In 2019, we instituted our community initiatives, one of which is The Restore Awards™️. These awards recognise and reward warriors, doctors, healers, businesses and companies who work in the areas of emotional well-being, inclusiveness and mental and physical wellbeing.

The Restore Awards™️ are happening on the 3rd December 2022 at Taj Lands End, Bandra, Mumbai and our theme for this year is Emotional Wellbeing. Our jury members are doctors, health experts, health warriors and corporate leaders of national and international repute. Entry is FREE. Click here to nominate yourself or a health hero who has helped you or others in emotional wellbeing, inclusiveness and mental and physical wellbeing as a healer, warrior, doctor, chef, product or organisation.

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