When something unexpected hits us, we’re faced with the choice of it controlling our lives or starting afresh. That’s easier said than done since it comes with a certain amount of anxiety & lack of confidence. For the last year, we’ve been shaping our lives around a dangerous virus that has caused existential questions and unexplainable frustration.

While it’s been a true struggle, for a lot of us reinvention has been a choice that we have embraced & it’s kept us occupied in this phase.

Having finally spent some quality time with me, I’ve come to understand the importance of ongoing renewal and progression. 

Why should we reinvent?

  • Reflection: Choosing to reinvent is often cathartic & requires time to introspect and find pieces of us that we’re willing to channelize further or improve upon. It is also during this period that we realize that we don’t have to desert our current life to bring about a change that helps us move forward. We can absorb our current situation, bring about some clarity to our near future and decide to take some elements of our existing life into the new chapter we’re stepping into. 
  • Awareness: Having spent time alone, we certainly gain agility and become mindful of who we are in the NOW of our lives. Our wants, skill set & attitude then become the driving force of our decisions going forward. And there is also a surety of what we don’t want to take with us.  
  • Growth: The true ikigai of our life, is welcoming evolution. Learning something new, forming fresh bonds, letting things go and even grooming certain talents constitute personal growth. Sometimes, even if there are no visible changes, people grow through their expansion in perspective and attitude every day. To emotionally rewire is extremely credible and requires a lot of hard work. 
  • Adapt: This is a by-product and an extremely vital lesson. When we are pushed to reinvent ourselves, it involves a great deal of acceptance & adapting in a way that makes this transitional phase smooth for us. This pandemic has certainly opened my eyes to this. I’ve seen so many individuals and companies change the model in which they’re working, online education is thriving, OTT is flourishing since that’s the entertainment we’re banking on. Lifestyle writers, bloggers & content creators are in the limelight getting the recognition they deserve due to the time we now invest in zoning out from the reality of the world, our homes to engage our minds or enjoy a few laughs. 
  • Relearn & Unlearn: A little over a year ago, when we were introduced to this pandemic, I was in the middle of developing a website for myself to lure audiences into getting in touch with me for wine events (this is before I reinvented myself and added a branch of Yin Yoga & Holistic Healing). I met WordPress & despite the million credited websites on it, I found its ways confusing and complicated. So, after a little effort, I let it go and created my website on another platform. And here we are now, I’m writing for Unhurry & publishing its articles on WordPress – googling and YouTubing tutorials with a lot of patience for our website to appeal and reach thousands of people. And all I say with a sheepish smile is that we always relearn with a different perspective or unlearn various patterns and break free from those if we make that choice.

It isn’t something we aren’t cognitive to; it isn’t something new. But the key is to understand that it is a practice that demands a routine effort. And it is something that untangles & paces us to keep looking ahead.

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Aradhna Chhachhi Holistic Health Coach, Yin Yoga Teacher & French Wine Scholar

A Holistic Health Coach at RachnaRestores Yin Yoga Teacher for Female Hormones, French Wine Scholar & a passionate advocate of mental & emotional wellbeing with the verve for the simple joys of life.

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