“Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you.” – Rumi

“I’ll go for a holiday when I’ve earned my bonus for the year.”

“I’ll get my blood tests done next month.”

“I promise I’ll start eating healthy as soon as my travel stops.”

Familiar scenarios? For me too. Everyone who comes to me, just waited a bit too long. Including me. All the patients I get are either given up by doctors (autoimmune) or reeling under the effects of medication (hypertension, chemotherapy, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes) or stressed out (anxiety, depression, poor digestion). Then it takes me many sessions to rebuild them, and explain to them the importance of just chilling and restoring their lives. So before it’s too late, just sit back and re-prioritise your life. Write it down, write to me, and take action in snatching back everything that you have allowed yourself to be taken away from you. Here’s a check list you can start with. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Most week days I wake up seem like a task and I don’t look forward to the day
  2. I’m burning myself out so much that I could collapse tomorrow, but I don’t have a choice
  3. If my health suffers, my organisation/client will get someone else in my position since it’s such a competitive world out there
  4. I missed 6 out of 10 of my loved ones special days (kid’s school event/birthdays/ anniversaries/dinners/meeting parents)
  5. I get unexplained aches and pains
  6. I feel like everyone around me is an idiot and that makes me furious
  7. I don’t remember the last time I did something that I loved – holiday, listening to my kind of music, writing/watching a movie or any other favourite activity
  8. In college I was the fun person to be with, but life just took over
  9. I’m overweight
  10. I just want to sleep
  11. I get cravings – food or alcohol or sweet
  12. I’m 35+

If your answer is a Yes to 6 or more of the above, you need to restore your life. Do it before you collapse, before it’s too late and someone else replaces you. Do it before you lose yourself to bad health and hospital trips.

Do it now. Don’t wait for the ambulance sirens.


Rachna Chhachhi


Rachna Chhachhi is the Founder of Rachna Restores and Unhurry; you can find more about her HERE. For more such articles and content on health & wellness, don’t forget to follow us! 

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