Drink to Look Attractive!

Drink to Look Attractive!

Everybody loves the researchers at the University of Bristol. And that’s because they have proven via a study that one glass of red wine makes you more attractive than no alcohol. The bad news? The effect wears off if you consume more.

The volunteers were presented with images depicting an individual photographed while sober and after consuming either the equivalent of 250ml of wine or the equivalent of 500ml of wine. They were then asked to rate which of the two images was more attractive. Those who had consumed the equivalent of a single glass were rated as more attractive than photographs of sober individuals. But individuals who had consumed more than the equivalent of a glass were not seen as so attractive. The researchers suggest that vasodilation associated with alcohol consumption could lead to facial flushing,  perceived as healthy and attractive. Low doses of alcohol may also result in an increase in a positive moo and increased levels of confidence that are apparent in subtle smiles and more muscle relaxation.

The moral? Go for one glass of red just before you meet your date 🙂


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