My story of reversing rosacea is a ray of hope amidst the message of doom that spells – “rosacea has no cure”. This statement needs to be understood in the right context. All it means is that there is no known miracle pill or medicine that can eliminate rosacea. It definitely does not mean that rosacea cannot be treated, reversed or healed. This debilitating skin disorder almost ruined my life before I transitioned to the path of self-healing and got lasting freedom from it. The same power can be tapped into by anyone with the skin condition.

Cure, treat, reverse or heal rosacea

While medical science does not have a known cure for rosacea, there are treatments aplenty that help manage the symptoms of flushing, redness as well as procedures that help with the visible veins.

A lot can also be done to reverse the disease which means improve its condition rather than allow it to progress or become worse in ignorance with alternative remedies and a holistic lifestyle.

The human body has an innate and intuitive capacity to heal in conducive circumstances. Learning to listen to the messages of your skin and body with awareness is a science that can be developed by anyone suffering from rosacea. And this is the power of self-healing that I woke up to.

As experienced by me and many other influencers who have managed to break free from the shackles of rosacea, it is time to wake up to the belief that you can indeed get rid of rosacea.

“Rosacea can be treated, reversed and healed.”

The problem with current treatment for rosacea.

Fortunately in my case, both mainstream and alternative treatments failed to provide lasting relief. While I saw improvements with alternative measures, I could never quite get rid of it till I learned to understand my own body with awareness and respect and honor its needs.

Any treatment model unless combined with self-awareness and wisdom is bound to breed blind dependence and take you further away from your own powers of healing.

The self-healing approach for freedom from rosacea

It is my experience and belief that rosacea can be reversed with the right views, right knowledge, right awareness and right action. I based my entire healing on the foundation of these 4 pillars and found a pathway to strengthen each of the 4 pillars with the missing pieces.

Self-awareness and self-healing finally gave me lasting results. Common sense, investigation, and body awareness are the foundational pillars of health. I was so disconnected from my own body even though it was screaming in various ways, sending messages I was not paying heed to. Little by little, I unraveled the mystery, making many discoveries, so much so that I stopped relying on external agencies for an answer to my body and skin issues, first for days, then months and years. I realised I had stumbled upon my own intuitive healing powers.. nothing miraculous but simple observation and awareness of cause and effect.

I hope my upcoming book “No More Red Skin” will be the perfect starting point for anyone who has the desire to break free from the pain of having rosacea and understand the self-healing approach.

It is time to wake up to the responsibility and accountability of your own skin health.

“Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.”

-Dr. Benjamin Spock

Nidhi Kapoor

Nidhi Kapoor is a holistic health coach and the founder of ‘No More Red Skin’ established in 2022 with a vision to show women with rosacea how to take charge of their skin health naturally by tapping into the inner-healer after her own personal journey and struggle with Rosacea. You can follow her on Instagram by clicking here and she can be reached on

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