One Book to Change the Way You Think Your Thoughts

It is a well-known fact that your thoughts create your reality. But do you know your negative thoughts are giving you physical and emotional problems?

Yes, you read it right. Your limiting thoughts, beliefs, and negative emotions are affecting you and linked to your physical diseases.

If you have negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, and extreme self-criticism, chances are there that you must be going through some physical or emotional issue. Louise Hay talks all about it in her book, ‘You Can Heal Your Life’.

Louise Hay was a multi-national best-selling author, speaker, model, actress, activist, and founder of the successful publishing company Hay House, Inc.

She put forward the concept of disease (dis-ease) as the product of the state of mind and how you can change your life, heal yourself, and become a better person by changing your thoughts.

The book also explores the power of affirmations. To learn more about the power of affirmations as described in this book with practical implementation tips, watch this.

Louise shares a practical way to change your thoughts and an approximate 60-page guide on more than 150 physical illnesses, their linked emotional pattern, and the positive thought (affirmation) you need to change your current circumstances. 

Here’s a tip to get you started with affirmations: always use the first person when you use affirmations such as ‘I am physically healthy’, ‘I love and accept myself’, and ‘I have the perfect living space’. A few more thoughts from the books to navigate your ship of thoughts in the right direction:

  • Four things cause major problems in our bodies and lives: Resentment, Criticism, Guilt, and Fear. Moreover, the inability to forgive is the cause of all illness.
  • Self-approval and self-acceptance in the present moment are the primary keys to positive changes in every area of our lives.
  • Whatever we concentrate on increases, so don’t concentrate on your bills. Gratefulness for what you do have makes it more abundant.
  • The less self-hatred and guilt we have, the better our lives work on all levels.
  • Blame is useless. Blaming only gives away our power. Keep your power. Without power, we cannot make changes. The helpless victim cannot see a way out.
  • Whatever we send out mentally or verbally will come back to us in like form.

Remember, you are the only person who thinks in your mind, so the power is in your hand. You can change your thoughts and hence, your reality. Take the first step and start reading this book.

Anjali Chourasiya

Engineer turned Content Creator at BookXp, exploring the world of books and healing through my lens.

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